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  • Just about a murder case that went on and how children today are killing one another.

    Was manly wondering if you saw it, and if you did what you thought of my post.

    Since I’m trying to be a better poster and such

    I meant more games. I do know they post in there a good deal, even more so with AA and the creepypasta thread, but that's one you know will get spammed.

    Btw, did you see Malaun's topic earlier?

    At least they stick to the forums were you aspect to see a lot more spam for the most part. Still would be nice not to see the last person get quoted just to add a thought to it.

    Is it just me or is AzukanAsimbu the Malanu of the Atheist culb when it comes to posting?

    He started talking of a girlfriend from his past, who apparently committed suicide, and how he'd see her ghost and she'd start talking to him about how they were so amazing, and linked me to some random *** myspace account of a hella hot blonde babe from like nevada, claiming it was Jenny. Jenny would tell him to do things otherwise he'd hurt Ellie, etc etc.
    Funny that you sent a FR. I was thinking about sending you one the other day.

    Well I guess patriotism is no longer in, hehe. Well I can't say I agree with everything this country has done. I wouldn't call myself overly patriotic but this event does spark a lot of emotion. How do you feel? Do you think you'll have any recollection of this event over the years to come?
    Perhaps a silly question, but how/where did you get the last.fm "gadget" that shows your latest played songs?

    P.S. I added you on last.fm. Feel free to accept or deny.
    We've played a Killswitch song, a metal Christmas medley and a Lamb of God song but other than that it's all originals.
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