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  • I don't think I'll be able to keep up the pace. Just make my character an NPC instead. I kinda liked him. lol
    And no, they did not Vm/Pm me about this.
    Sure, I al leaving it up to you.

    Please note that I want to do Dragnor (Dragon) so all that is left to do

    Valora (Steel):

    Spectra (Ghost):

    Nixtorm (Ice):
    That is pretty much what I was thinking.

    I have done

    Aurora (Normal):
    Ignis (Fire):
    Greenleaf (Grass):
    Fontaine (Water):
    Terrera (Ground):
    Pugilis (Fighting):
    Violight (Electric):
    Chrysalia (Bug):
    Illusio (Psychic):
    Cragspur (Rock):
    Viperia (Poison):
    Yaksha (Dark):
    Avia (Flying):
    Limelight (Fairy):


    Valora (Steel):
    Spectra (Ghost):
    Nixtorm (Ice):
    Dragnor (Dragon):

    need to be done
    I was thinking one linked pokemon. To keep it simpler. Maybe two if the second one was younger and untrained.

    also if we were to do a repair the nation type thing

    I was thinking if these alliances were to exist before the Rp started then it would make things interesting.

    Please note that the fairy nation would be on the islands i the north of the region. It is part of the pink alliance.
    I see, well at least I'm grateful for your explanation. I know that it'll probably take a lot of time, but it never hurts to try. xD
    If you'd ever feel like getting back to IRC, the server is irc.aniniverse.com and the channel is Daydream. But don't feel obliged, it's no use if you don't feel like it. ^^
    Thanks for your post in the roleplay topic. I really appreciate it! ^^
    To be honest, I'm just trying to find some new RPers for mirc, even if it's just one or two it might make a big difference to our channel.
    I can't agree that it's never been a thing on irc since dejatoons long time ago and purplesurge had quite a few rp channels and rpers, but yes that has been a while. Judging by your age however, you might've actually been around too... did you have an irc nickname by any chance?
    Anyway, if you would be able to just even suggest a few names of people who use mirc often and like to RP it would mean a great lot to me. I don't plan/want to advertise in the first place since that would not just be against the rules, it would probably attract the wrong people too.
    I didn't reply to this? Huh.

    Hm, then maybe it'd be better to simplify it? Not only would it gather more people that way, it'd be easier for you too and all. But yeah, totally see how it would work better as a fanfic. Will keep my eyes peeled though.
    Sounds pretty good. And I like the deity deal, actually. There's lots you can do with that, and it leaves openings for plot twists and stuff. It could even be tied to the reason there's a war in the first place.

    Alright, gotta see how much time I have by the time of its launch.
    I'm interested in the idea, but not sure if I have time to help with it, or even join. I've one rp at the moment (assuming another one I'm in is dead...) and I am trying to keep it that way until things calm down, at least. I also haven't finished the game completely yet, so not sure how much of a help I could be. I can try though, but that would have to be a lot later.

    I can give some fast advice/opinions right now, though?

    1. For the region though, I'd suggest using an already existing one - either the one in conquest, or transforming one of the main game regions. That way, people have a basic grasp of the places and geography, and all you have to do is mention things that are different from canon (like earlier time period, what kind of people/Pokemon live there, who the shogun is, etc.)

    2. When it comes to Legendary Pokemon, I'd say either omit them or have some really strong NPCs hold them, but not necessarily the players - unless everyone gets one. Otherwise things might get messy and 'wahhh he has one why don't I'-y.

    Just my two, really quick cents.
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