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  • I've tried to design the RP in such a way that people don't need to fully drop out, so if you can jump back in when your work situation improves that would be nice. If not, well it was fun playing with you. I was just worried is all. Not an inconvenience, just makes me sad you won't be around. I liked your character.
    You'll be back when your hours are better right?

    Also yea, I was wondering what was happening. Thanks for telling me.
    Take your time, I honestly should wait longer for what I did to you and the others in terms of the waiting. Sorry to hear abtu the noise, I know the feel
    Not just the last bit. I see the curveball. She goes to Town Hall anyway, not realizing she's invited and that she should go on stage anyway.

    And she normally avoids Lektra. Not a huge deal. Lektra is used to it.
    Oh my god, I am so sorry Silpo. I would have posted sooner, I just had two big papers due ealier this week and last week >< if there's any issue, just tell me. Again, sorry for being such a jerk with not posting
    I agree. It sets a piss poor example, since he's one of the GMs. Fortunately he left me a message today that he's going to be posting either today or tomorrow.
    Hey Slip. Sorry I haven't posted, I've been really busy with school. Bron was talking to me yesterday to get a way to get Narga to the City Hall, so I thought, if it was alright with you, I could have Narga stalk Sunrise?
    Its not? Oh, ok. Outside her expertise? Making a simple spring loaded crossbow is outside her expertise when she builds magical doohickys for a living that rival magic?
    Sorryabout the bow. If you'd like a new one made and there's time, feel free to ask Lektra. Now trying to get everyone over to Town Hall. I wonder how delta will end up there.
    That's a good point. And like I said, this are all just some thoughts. Naked wings seems more possible, the illusion should be able to handle to stress.
    Hmm. Just as a few points possibly, her form flickers from the surprise assualt, giving Narga a quick glimpse of what she is, and only her, before returning to it for the meeting, possibly. As for the insect wings, sorry if it seems I'm controlling you, maybe their singed?
    I'm really really sorry about not posting, schools been hard on me x_x I'll post tonight, or do my best to tonight. Narga isn't going down right away, she'll definitely try to do something first.
    The Town Hall event will lead directly into the big overall problem of why ponies are disappearing. It's extremely crucial that all players are present for this event. I don't want to spoil anything.
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