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  • I know you're trying to avoid revealing her true form, but just saying you're going to have to sooner or later and I know at least Lektra wouldn't turn on her if she found out.

    Like I said I'm NOT asking you to avoid a full out battle.
    Slip I'm giving you the go-ahead to be able to fully copy Narga if the need arises, including the look (but not the effect) of that freaky badge thing. We talked and Delta would be fine with it, too. You would not be able to use any of her dragon based powers, though. Besides flying and just having sharp teeth. This seems to be how changelings behave. Since I've never seen them use horn magic in the show, except the queen and that was really her own similar magic which seemed to be limited to her, the transformation is likely physical and cannot copy the powers of the individual. Like Mystique, who can neither copy the special metal bones of Wolverine nor his healing factor, but was able to copy his outward attributes and voice.

    I'm also not seeing any bunnying going on, just smart inferences, so I'm not sure what you meant by that.

    Whatever happens between these characters, and no I'm not going to request you avoid a fight, please try to head over to Town Hall. After that the playing field will be a lot more open and sandbox, but we need everybody to get to town hall for an important event right now. There will be things like this from time to time.
    Ok thanks. Put these details somewhere in the form and let me know. I'll add you to the first post after my shows are done and I'm on my computer.

    1. Explain how the crossbow is carried/worn and how it's fired/loaded.
    2. Explain if she's hostile to others if discovered, or if she would be able to get along with others.
    3. Any relationships.
    4. Where she lives in relation to known canon landmarks.
    5. Sleeping disguised or not.

    Where you include these is up to you. Thanks again.
    I just have one main question. How does Indigo hold a crossbow without thumbs? Using levitation would give her away as not a peg. Also I'd like you to try to include somewhere if she would be hostile to others if discovered to not be a peg. Lastly, what is her relationship with neighbors or other town residents, where in the town does she live, and when she does sleep does she sleep in her disguise or turn back? These are minor details in general, and you're definitely accepted. I'm just nitpicking. I tend to find holes, and would like them filled in please.
    So the character is not entirely good? See the thing is, time is relative in my RPs. We don't state time expressly. As much or as little time can pass as is required for the story to make sense, and eating/sleeping/bodily functions are assumed to occur but never stated, except when needed for story. Essentially, the time of day is what we need it to be in the story, so it can look like it's perpetual daytime but it really isn't because a couple of days may have passed and we just rolled back to daytime. Is this going to be a problem for you? Just added it as a GM Note.
    Please never shorten my name name like that. Ever.......... Grrr

    Anyway yea one alias, and peg makes sense since changelings can fly. Don't they also have horns, or was that just the queen? How are you going to avoid accidentally using horn magic?
    Heya. I saw you and Bron talking. Changlings are allowed, most certainly. A friend of mine actually once made a good Changling character, and it made sense. If you need help anywhere, just ask :3
    How about a fighting specialist earth pony? Their mark is a hoof because they're really good at fighting and dodging.

    Or a peg that can make razor sharp air from their wings or force clouds go rain/snow/lighting/sleet (pick one or two max) . Mark is a cloud with your chosen weather.

    If you can make it make sense that a changeling is good, I'd allow it.
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