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  • Well the main thing I'd be going on is that at first Arceus doesn't even realize he'd be a threat until he has already discovered a way to fight back, or at least protect himself.
    Hey, sorry for the delay. School + social life has been on my back, so my mind's been elsewhere.

    And hey, Eevee evolutions are some of the best Pokemon out there. Can't blame you for that, they are cool.
    I'll send you a PM later. I have an idea half-fleshed out and seems like it's getting there, but a second opinion and maybe another idea or two interwoven into what I have now could help.

    And hey, I've seen your RP posts before. I highly doubt those ideas are terrible. Sometimes it's just tricky to tie everything together and have it be something other RPers will want to join. I'd have to say, it's much easier to make up a fan fiction's plot than it is to make an RP's plot.
    It's a shame, but I think it's dead. And it's been almost a week since anyone has really posted (Chilli's doesn't count in my opinion -_-).

    We really need some more RPs from the looks of things. I'll try to come up with something if I can.
    Are you going to post your appeal soon? Pretty sure everyone else has already done theirs (or maybe we are just waiting for one more person, in addition to you as well).
    Mmm yeah I noticed that. Thought of searching out another RPG, but then college happened, and I totally forgot so I kinda just dropped. But I was looking forward to that. Anyway, thanks! Have a good time with the RPs you're doing!
    Yeah, that's probably the best idea. I hate seeing good ideas go to waste, but I may not sign up for it a second time, however. After August, I've got a lot of other things going on.
    You don't know the song? It was Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. I believe it was a really popular song in the 70's (or 60's, I forgot which decade :/ )
    She's a friend that has a Plot important character, her account had a Space, but she needs to get a new one...
    Correct, and the part about challenging the League... We're suppose t od othat in the Rp...

    You can say the grew up wherever, but say they got sent to school...
    Ok, whatever works. I guess it doesn't really effect me or my character at all, so it's really your decision.
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