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  • What I sad is the Bio... I written in the Plot what basically happened that day...

    Sorry for the confusion XD
    Hmm, let me clarify. Basically any events from Before and After the Pact that will not effect everyone else, like saying they all got into a Car Crash, ETC. Etc., that you deem important for us to know
    You will put down your Trainer Class as 'Proffessor'

    What I'm basically saying for the bio is that create the history for your character, like how they got their eevee, what they did after the pact, but I don't want them to have anything so major in it we're going to have to tailor our Bio's around it.
    That's true, there's no point in staying up all night just because there's a battle somewhere else. :)

    Anyway, Crasher is still alive, I plan to for my character to meet him when she arrives to Talacola.
    I checked it out.

    Until post #44, when the first barricade is breached, ABM are there delaying its desrtuction and fighting the Abyss. In post #47, when Lisa makes the assessment about their numbers, they fly back to Talacola and to help Liberty's Crusade. The helicopters have been there from post #42, so I guess the casualties among the ABM weren't that big.
    I'll go and check, but from what I remember, half of them fell delaying the destruction of the first barricade, while the other half then flew back to Talacola to help the Liberty's crusade.
    I haven't thought about it much, to be honest. Considering they joined the aerial battle after Liberty's Crusade, I'd say most of them survived.
    Oh my gosh, I don't want to sound really snobbish or whatever through this because of all the trouble the RP is having with duplicate Pokemon already but one of my characters has a Ninetales in their party already and I worked really hard on trying to have original teams. I realize that this is super inconvenient to you because 1) you've already changed your signup and 2) you chose Vulpix as your starter which involves you fixing your back story and stuff for your character, but do you think we could work this out? Ugh. Sorry about this! D:
    Sorry ^_^' I'm going to edit some of mine - I don't like being a source of inconvenience so I hope we don't get off on a bad note - I plan on making friends and allies through this, not enemies :)
    Hello. Krazy95 told me that 3 of your Pokémon in your team of my RPG are similar to his, so he was wondering if you could change them. Do you think you can? You're still accepted though.
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