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  • The fact Mew can learn anything is why I went with Metronome over Transform. Since the entirety of the legendary power is not within the person, I can't see Transform being entirely possible without all of the power. It was rather difficult for me to decide between the two but I can see where you're coming from. I however, wouldn't mind if your character was capable of perfectly disguising themselves using the extreme adaptability.

    And yeah, movies and food, very distracting. XD
    Or they could gain the ability to become PokeMorphs. I am not sure about whether to keep it alive. I don't have in me to kill RPGs. Who knows?
    Got nothing to lose, then again, it never really had a plot to begin with. So let's keep it short, all right? I mean eventually, everyone will leave and so will she. Want to be co-GM?
    Can you think of any way they can get back together. I mean, if people are still willing to update, will you still quit?
    Of course, multiple Pokemon using Whirlpool could solve that. Besides, there is always a way. I can think of either A-She doesn't want to abandon, B-She doesn't want to infect anyone. I suppose the pairing idea is gone, huh
    Diego is a Move Tutor apparently most Pokemon can learn Mimic. So imagine if they mimic Ice Beam. Well, Diego will try and round up whoever is left. Besides, he put me in charge when he left.
    Well come on. it will be one or two more posts. It won't kill you, would it? Aside, it would be nice to finish an RPG in here.
    I just think it's better to keep it to one element. I know a lot of them have been picked already, so don't feel bad if you're picking the same thing that someone else has.

    I just feel that if I let you slide, everyone else who wants the same thing will need to be given it also to keep things fair.
    Actually, I hadn't read your sign up.

    As for Victini's hometown, feel free to change or alter as much as you like. Whatever works best for you is fine with me.
    It's really up to you, but I just see RPing a pacifist being interesting at first, but I see it quickly getting dry when everyone else is kicking tail and your character's just a bench-warmer. But, if you want also, I wouldn't mind if he starts timid and fearful, but later breaks out of his anxiety.

    So yeah, if it makes sense, I'm okay with it. I don't even mind it when people bend the rules, I think it's cool. Just as long as they don't go out of their minds, and I'm definitely sure you're not like that at all.
    Eh, you don't need to go that far. Seems a little ironic the Pokemon of victory would be beaten all the time. XD

    Make him skilled in combat, but let his weakness be something else, something not as restrictive. Something like making him a little timid, having a fear of darkness, or maybe he's skilled in combat, but the sight of blood makes him a little queasy, especially if it gets on him. All of those I'd accept, but in this RP, he's definitely going to need to pound a few heads.
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