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  • Of course I still care about it! I don't ever stop caring about things I created just because I'm no longer currently working on them, you know. =P I'd love to receive a long wall of texty review from you, if you'd do one.

    (And it's not that old and fossily. Technically it's less old and fossily than Lost Evolution, and I damn well still care about that fic even though I haven't really got anywhere with it in ages.)
    Heh, no problem. MSN sounds fine. I'm just not usually one who starts conversations if I don't know a person well. I ease my way into it pretty quickly though. I'll PM you my email address... but don't tell anyone, I usually try to keep online people to the "in processing" email address I have so my regular MSN isn't swamped with people I don't know.

    Also, my PM box is 1 away from being full.
    Just one thing I feel the need to comment on in your review to purple_drake: I live in the UK, and I know what the one-fingered salute is. Hell, everyone I know knows what the one-fingered salute.
    Heh, no no. We're friends and talk on MSN and she's been nagging me to read the last two chapters and review (which I'll do eventually). But no, I'm not the closet reader.

    No problem, they've been pretty long and indepth reviews though, no?
    Hahah. I've been following your reviews of LE and they're really pretty good. Incidentally, the 'kaw' at the end of each post has never ceased to make me chuckle.
    Oh god.

    I just finished reading your PM/reply/post/thingy. I squee'd, giggled and felt embarassed about my writing skills in equal measures.

    A full reply will come hopefully tomorrow after I've finished the last of my exams in the morning, but I just had to stop by now and mention how awesome it was.
    Yes, it IS that empty in here. :p

    Or at least, was a couple weeks ago. Now that I'm back at my regular home computer, who knows what I'll do to make it even more crowded in here. ;P
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