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  • you are an idiot. an absolute idiot.

    i would pull a katya and make a thread about how utterly despicable you are and how you should have the stupid wifi hop you sucked **** over and over and over again to get removed but you're not really important enough to these forums to warrant my potential ban for that.

    you can delete this comment (LOL @ THAT, YOU STUPID PUSSY HAHAHA AS IF I HAVEN'T C/P'D WHAT YOU DID DELETE TO HALF A DOZEN PEOPLE) but i will simply repost it on every profile wishing to host this message. why? because george, you are pathetic.
    "guess i was wrong o)! but i still don't like you for absolutely no reason" ok you are just a ****headed MORON for saying this. honestly who goes and says 'whoops wrong person (which i bet you knew all along)' then just tacks on that they don't like them anyways just because.
    you are RETARDED. if you're trying to troll her you're a moron and you can't troll right, you never have been able to, and if you're being serious, well, the sooner you get caught in a third-world destroying earthquake the better.

    i am sick of your stupid lies and your stupid backstabbing and your generally stupid suck up demeanor.
    you pretend EMPRESS I BROUGHT YOU A SQUID PIC O) I ACT SO SILLY AROUND YOU MY EMPRESS then go saying crap about me in #spp-staff (and no i will not tell you who all has told me you do this because no matter how many times you promise not to report them for the retarded as piss 'leaking' phobia staff has you will report them anyways because they aren't a suck up degenerate like you). you claim straight up that's all lies and you never did anything of the sort and you didn't disobey me when i said "slowking don't do this". but then a mass of people have logs of you having done so, so you're just a flat out lying faggot.

    also you're a stupid furry with your /me sucks Dialga's **** for access. that is so pathetic of you. to actually do something like that JUST for access in a channel where 90% of the members hate you and the other 10% barely tolerate you.

    tl;dr: you're a lying idiot and you'll never be a microscopic fraction of the person typhlogirl is.
    thanks for deleting this btw since it points out serious, permanent flaws in your lackluster character.
    Well tbh I don't like you much either, considering you were spreading **** about me for things I didn't even do!

    So it's mutual, then.
    ...Woah. Sorry that "talk to you again soon" took almost five months. *cough*

    Welly well well, how's life?
    Happy New Year George.
    Would you mind telling me where exactly is Cyprus. I would have googled it but I don't have time and I might forget it later.

    new spin.

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