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  • Thanks, man. I was going to ask if you mentioned this to Serebii but apparently you already did.

    Looks like Dedenne also took neutral damage from Psybeam and Flame Charge.
    Summarized about 95% of the 7th gym battle episode text


    """Get the 7th badge at Sekka Gym!! Ash was confronted with Hachiku's strength while training with him. But, he must collect all 8 badges

    Ash graps the key to victory!? His two Pokemon are these!

    Pic of Ash with a fist raised: We'll win together!!

    The Pokemon Ash choose are heating up this cold gym。They'll(Ash's Pokes) show their power tempered by their long journey!!

    Pokabu attains/obtains a new power!?
    ーーWhy did Pokabu have a rope tied around him when Ash met him?
    The acts of Pokabu's former trainer come to light!

    Training with Tsunbear, Wariburu awakens..!?
    -After training with Tsunbear, did Warubiru attain a strong/courageous heart!?
    -Wishing to beat that Tsunbear! Becoming cowardly after losing his Sunglasses, Warubiru battles at full power!(these two are the bottom picture captions)

    Warubiru develops feelings of rivalry with Hachiku's Tsunbear. Not just training their bodies, as without a strong heart it's hopeless, the challenge lies in a huge wall(this last bit is suspect >.<)

    Finally, I'm tired but I'll summarize a few points said about Hachiku's Pokemon:

    Check out Hachiku's 3 Pokemon!

    Furigeo - Knows Rapid Spin. Uses his disk-like body as a weapon. Speedily attacks from mid-air.

    ICe Cream Cone - Knows Icicle Spear. Gives you the chills from just looking at it!  Floating about, evading, a troublesome Pokemon.

    Tsunbear - Knows Icicle Crash. Not just powerful but intense as well. Sharpened the power of his techniques training with Hachiku. Are there any openings in his defense !?"""
    IRis + ICe cream cone summary: :)

    """Black box text: Iris' challenge!! Overcome the fear of Ice-Types!
    Aspiring to be a Dragon Master, Iris is weak to Ice-Type Pokemon. She also disdains cold places, but.....

    A huge incident occurs at the Tesshido research facility. By accident, the moss that Tesshido created has spread thoughout the city. If it can't be put under control quickly, it will escalate....

    Furthermore, Iris is trapped on the research facility's roof! Iris teams up with Baibanira!?Escape from the approaching moss!

    Iris' Pokemon are in a huge pinch due to the approaching moss. At that moment, the Baibanira that was together with Iris launches an attack that wipes out the moss!

    The moss can be crystallized and broken with Ice-type techniques!  With Ice-type moves, they can stand up to the moss!  

    Iris works together with the weak Baibanira!

    Iris' rival Langley works together with her Tsunbear, to lend assistance!"""
    These are the other parts of the sommelier showdown eps' summary, you can put this in the first post too :)

    "Which is the appropriate first partner[pokemon]? Picking which pokemon are most compatible for a person is one of the jobs of a Pokemon Sommelier. Out of the many Pokemon available, it's time to pick her first partner!"

    "A Pokemon Sommelier, with A-Class certification, same as Dento, named Pinot Noir arrives. The one to pick Momocchi's perfect partner will be....?"
    I'm curious as to what Langley is saying to Ash, in this image after she loses, what Iris and Langley say to each other as well. If it's not too much trouble (and if you can read it lol.) Don't need to translate the entire thing as I have an idea of what's being said there.

    Quick question is the summary for BW036, and 37 in the scan you posted more or less the same from what we already have?
    Wow! I came to Canberra a couple of months ago. Loving it here. Nice place to live in.
    Ash goes to the new professor's lab and hears about the region? So her lab isn't in Isshu?
    Was Oha Suta suppose to reveal any new information today? Do you think it is possible they will reveal new information next week seeing as it dosen't appear anything new was shown today?
    hmm,sorry to bother you,i see that the thread is gone for 170-171,i saw the picture and i think they are real,is the picture fake?
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