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  • :D I just won my speech competition! You see, I have 30 minutes to write a speech on a random question. The thing is that I don't know what the question is gonna be until I arrive.
    Yeah sadly I don't have Ruby or Sapphire. As much as I'd go all out for MM, I'd rather keep it simple with s/r. True, I could just do r/e as well, may just do that for Emerald and S/R in my SS!
    well, you could sr for it in sapphire or ruby if the battery still works (it's also possible to fix the dry batteries in those games.) I'm not sure what games you have but you can find voltorb/electrode in most games. If you're deadset on sr-ing for it and if you have hg/ss then you could go for the stationary electrode in those games? You could also re for it, and increase the chances of finding it by using a pokemon with the static ability. As a last resort you could try mm-ing?
    I saw your post about sr-ing for a shiny in emerald. It's pretty near impossible to sr for shinies in emerald/dry battery ruby and sapphires because the rng is broken. Unless you have an early shiny frame then you're always gonna encounter the same (non) shiny frames over and over again.
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