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  • I recently completed the EV training on the Jolteon.
    I know this may be random, but I'd like to thank you once more for that Jolteon. It has been a really important Pokemon to my team, helping me keep up with the standards of the current BW2 metagame (where hard-hitters are crucial and stall is almost non-existent).
    And I saw that Meloetta will be released in Australia. You thought of any natures/Hidden Powers for it? It looks like a real fun Pokemon to use ^^
    I sincerely apologise for making you stay up so late. :( And thanks for the trade. I'll train that Eevee to become a Jolteon (and I must add, thanks for providing me a thunderstone) It was a pleasant surprise...
    I didn't see your VM, thought you might be sleeping already (its so late there).

    And the shiny Eevee is such a nice surprise! ^^ Thank you so much! Once more, I really apologise for leaving you hanging for one hour... :( is DST being used there in NSW? I always remembered Sydney being 2 hours ahead of Singapore time....
    You ready to trade? :D See you in the room~
    Edit: Oops...I'm so sorry! Is it 12am there? When did Sydney change their timezone...? I really didn't know. :( sorry Sly Sloth, I didn't mean to do so.
    your 11pm would mean my 9pm. Might not be able to make it. I'm trying to rush through my homework. Its due tomorrow...I'll try to make it, but its highly unlikely. :/ sorry about that. Can we do it on Thursday night if we fail to trade tonight? (I'll definitely be free then)
    Nah I didn't really mind waiting :p
    Pass Orb, you say? I'll get 1. I think I have one or two. When would be a good time to trade?
    How about an event as a token of thanks? You can take it as "trade fodder" :p
    Thanks once more for willing to RNG another uncloned Pokemon for me :)
    I'm currently thinking of changing my Magnezone and Latios for a Jolteon and a Wobbuffet. (I'm discussing the Wobbuffet trade with someone else first, but he hasnt been replying)
    What would you take for such a request (Jolteon, timid, flawless HP ice 70, shiny being preferred but not a necessity)? I don't have that much more alternative flawless/ flawless shinies to offer you since most of them are now with your OT...
    Hey Sly Sloth, I'm back again. Do you still take RNG requests? I might need you to help me out if one of them falls through (even if it doesn't I need a change to a team member of mine)
    Hey there,
    Long time no see! Hope you're doing good. I don't think headbutt is really important so just ignore it. Happy holidays BTW.
    Oh but I found a DW Scizor in my box. Adamant, flawless shiny. Would that be okay?
    Edit: do let me know if you need extra time, as I can collect it when I get back from my short vacation too (18th December). Preferred before 15th so I can train it on holiday. Thanks!
    Oh...btw I have an RNG request that needs to be completed before the 15th (kinda urgent I know ><). I need a flawless Naive Bagon with the DW ability and Dragon Dance, if possible. Shininess not a requirement (but uncloned, as usual :p).
    What'd you like in return? Let me know and I can see whether I have it. If I don't I'll try to make an offer. Hope you can help. Thanks! ^^
    Hey Sly Sloth, have you tried Hidden Hollow RNG yet? I'm trying to pick that up, but its so tricky for me to grasp. I advanced my PIDRNG frames according to the initial PIDRNG frame (frame 52 to 78) but I still can't get it. Aimed for Jolly, got Bashful :/ Did I miss anything out? would appreciate it if you could help. Thanks! ^^
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