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  • I'd love to be buddies with you, if you wanna be buddies with me! :D Your avatar is the lucario owned by my favorite pokemon character XD <3
    Gotta say that this is one of the funniest posts on here

    The Pokemon and Pulseman take out the Valerie pair and Sylveon, but the Dragon wipes them out.
    It iiiiis, although the TV series ended on a dick move, like holy crap, if it hadn't been for The Sealed Card and/or the manga, one would think that Sakura and Li never see each other again.
    Hee hee, Keroberos in your signature X3. Just had to drop by to show my appreciation for that.
    Heck yeah! :D I didn't get to watch much Ben 10 but from what I watched I learned:

    1. Bogey slushies are disgusting.
    2. Don't get cocky.
    3. Gwen is epic!

    Good evening, my dearest Sir.
    The person of my avatar is none other than Dylan O'Brien.
    Yes indeed, I did answer you this already.
    If you look back the show back when we were kids are better than the current ones today
    Wow I am surprised that you know Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island if I can remember it was on CW on channel 11 and the series did not last that long
    You probably don't know me, but I have noticed that you post a lot in my forum game, thank you.

    I wanna know you a bit better if you don't mind. Of course if you're not interested I can accept it and leave it at that.
    'Ello, gov'nor!
    The person in ma' avatar is Natsuno Yuuki from the anime, Shiki.
    Good evening, my dearest Sir.
    The person of my avatar is none other than Dylan O'Brien.
    Yeah, I can understand. I briefly wanted to be a moderator, mostly for the perk of a custom Avatar, but the responsibility that comes with it is just too much for me to bear. I mean, I already could show easy dedication (ever notice how often I've been here?), but I just don't have the heart to punish others. It's a little too much for me.

    If you thought you couldn't handle that kind of pressure, then you were in the right to say no.
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