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Last Activity:
Dec 4, 2019
Jun 24, 2008
Likes Received:
Jul 28, 1992 (Age: 27)
Home Page:
Georgia, U.S.A
college student

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Well-Known Member, 27, from Georgia, U.S.A

SmartD was last seen:
Dec 4, 2019
    1. eeveegirl810
      If I can find it I might read the manga. But to be honest I've only read a thin pokemon manga book and 14 pages of a avalon web of magic manga book online.
    2. eeveegirl810
      hey sorry to just randomly message you, but I saw your "first manga" thread. I've watched cardcaptors (hints my profile picture) but I've never got to read the manga. Is the manga good?
    3. Mikau
      Yeah I can check it out.
    4. MotherRussia
      I was editing my sig. That's why text was at the bottom. :P Look at it nao.
    5. FairyWitch
      they are card shop only boxes and they are not out yet...they come out june 28th...
    6. Kakujitsu
      Your signature is really cute. ._.
    7. No. 1 Machop Fan
      No. 1 Machop Fan

      Been spending a lot of time on Smogon's Pokemon Online server.
    8. Northern Lights
      Northern Lights
      Your sig made me giggle =D
    9. -Salamence-
      Why do you wake up so early?
    10. pupintheturd

      Not the best, but it's usable.

      Peace out.
    11. FairyWitch
      Its cool its fine...ive been off and on alot lately due to stuff...also ill be out for like thru the 19th thru the 22nd anyway...going on a vacation...its okay u can join whenever you can its cool : 3
    12. Krake
      Works for me.
    13. FairyWitch
      hello just wondering if u watch yugioh or also play the card game?...i was just asking because i started a yugioh club and would like to see if u would like to join...just asking not forcing...
    14. badmanjaro
      Hi there! I just made a clan and I was wondering if you would like to join.
      It's called the Apple Club where we talk about lots of stuff o_O.
      So it would be great if you could join!
      Just read the rules and yeah. If you have any questions just ask me.
      If you don't wanna join...no hard feelings! It will just make me cry for a couple of minutes....
      To find this club just go to serebiiforums main page and scroll down and you will see the section clubs...yay!
    15. No. 1 Machop Fan
      No. 1 Machop Fan
      I did briefly. I tucked in my Castform because I didn't have any other faves on me.

      I went through that forest, but didn't interact with anyone, though that Bellsprout was tempting.
    16. Light Venusaur
      Light Venusaur
      Your Welcome :)
    17. SmartD
      Last week, school was canceled the entire week. The last time something like this happened was in middle school, but only for two days.

      I'm planning on pre-ordering Pokemon White sometime next month. How about you?
    18. No. 1 Machop Fan
    19. No. 1 Machop Fan
      No. 1 Machop Fan
      I'm getting White too. Machop is White-exclusive. 'Nuff said? :p
    20. No. 1 Machop Fan
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    Jul 28, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Home Page:
    Georgia, U.S.A
    college student
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Autistic ,kinda shy, but friendly

    surfing the web, reading, sudoku, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!