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  • I'm doing OK.

    My TAFE course will be over in a few weeks, so I will be working VERY hard on it in the next few days. Plus, I'm taking steps to enrolling for another TAFE course next year, one that involves creating small computer games.
    So, do they do all that while you're awake? I heard some medical operations are done while the patient is unconscious.
    Interesting! Did it hurt?

    I hope I don't make you jealous, but I've never had dental issues! :p So I don't really understand what it's like to have anything like that.
    "Not final art", it reads at the bottom. I was about to say, because that looks nothing like the Darkwing Duck I recognise. Or is that normal for Darkwing Duck comics?
    lol Hyper Blossum! VERY Anime-esque! :p

    I also noticed you have a link to a YouTube page. I never realised one could do that.
    Well, I don't get holidays like that until December, and I think, being a TAFE student, I get longer summer holidays! :D

    Also, I only attend classes on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I'll be going tomorrow to finish off an assignment. If I don't finish it I fail the whole course!
    I actually read a few snippets of that series online. I've found a couple of sites where you can read the whole series (or close to it) online.

    I don't wish to discuss why I decided to read it. :p
    lol; Chuck's face looks funny in that pic. :p

    Chuck is actually one of my fave gym leaders.

    If you don't mind me asking, did you draw that pic?
    I'm getting my first look at them now. Reshiram. What kind of name's that?

    They appear to be monochromatic, but I doubt that'd be how they really look.
    I assume you're 08dguy? If so, then I'm surprised at how many uploads you have. I'm also getting my first look at Powerpuff Girls Z. Is the canon of Powerpuff Girls Z the same as that of Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls, or is it a different story entirely?
    Thanks. I was hoping to do more, but the batteries in my camera died, and then I started TAFE, so I've been very busy.

    The next one will be based on one of the last chapters of Dark Mirror, when Takanuva (with dark armour and a silver mask) enters the Coliseum to confront Tuyet.
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