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  • Nice. I'm Australian, so It's still a month before we get a break.

    Come to think of it, speaking of YouTube, have you seen a video called Skrall's Meeting? It's a stop-motion video I made a while back in protest against the end of Bionicle.
    I have, and since they're mentioned on both SPP and Bulbanews, I'm convinced they're real. Not sure which I like the most, though.
    1. Interesting. In a kids' magazine called K-Zone there's a segment called Anime Q&A, where readers can ask anime-related questions. I remember one such question was if Powerpuff Girls was considered Anime. I guess neither asker nor answerer knew about the Powerpuff Girls Z.

    2. lol! It's like I always say: "if he\she does it then it must be right." :p

    3. Yay I have a new friend! :D
    I'm pretty sure it would've been safe to say so via VM. It's common for one to ask for friendship via VM.

    Just a couple of questions:
    1. Who are those Anime girls on the left?
    2. Are Youtube pages allowed on one's sig? I'm personally unsure.
    While I'm asking questions, I might as well ask this as well: I actually sent you a friend request some time ago, but you've yet to accept it. How come?
    Interesting! I figured that they'd be related, but not that related.

    Don't Scrooge and co. appear in other shows and movies as well? I think I remember seeing Scrooge and all of Donald's nephews in a movie with a genie a while back.
    I saw a little bit of an episode of Darkwing Duck earlier today. I didn't realise that it was from Disney, which makes me feel a little silly. It was the familiar appearance of some of the ducks that gave it away for me. I recognised one that looked like Scrooge, and one that looked like one of Donald's nephews.
    I'm currently building a team consisting almost entirely of Eeveelutions, just like I did once on Crystal. My current team is:

    Machop - Hunky - Level 21
    Eevee - Vapourise - Level 3
    Jolteon - Volts - Level 3
    Eevee - Pyro - Level 27
    Espeon - Sensor - Level 6
    Eevee - Umbra - Level 6
    I think I heard somewhere that the voice actors for the Bionicle movies did do other roles, but I don't remember where.

    I bet I can understand your reaction when you first heard Darkwing Duck's voice actor also voicing Ackar. I get that often.
    Yes. At the moment I have 5 Stars Skrall, and I'm considering getting the others soon. I want to know what the Golden Armour does before I make a decision, because if I like it's power, I'll use it on my Tahu Mata set.
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