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  • Hey Smash. Just letting you know, what with you battling against Kusari, TSR and Saibankan, you're at your limit for matches. You can only have a maximum of three battles on one board, though you can have four in total. Just that at least one has to be on either UPN or Serebii. Just thought I should let you know.
    Right-o, I'll get to reffing. Also, anyone's good for it. You can just post in the Ref Queue, though you might want to check that your opponent's still around first.
    Nothing happens to his other two as they're not used, but if you KO the active Pokémon then you get a KO and 2 TP for your troubles. As for the battle he's reffing, you'll have to get yourself a new Ref, I'm afraid. I'd offer but I'm not a fan of taking over battles that have already started.
    Hey, I noticed that you were one of the head honcho's involved with the Smogon ASB. Any way you can give me a basic run through of it, as I've gotten quite confused while I skimmed the thread. xD Thanks.
    Ah, it's not disappeared, it's just that Serebii automatically hides threads older than a certain date. You can click a drop-down menu at the bottom of the forum and find it that way. With regard to the battle itself, you can just DQ him. All you have to do is order three attacks (Blizzard, Ice Beam, Ice Beam) that will KO his Pokémon.
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