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  • Thx. Ill go with the serious poliwag. I gotta take a while to think if i want any nickname to it
    Do u want spinda to be nicknamed?
    I know that Kevin24 has one, but odds are he'll turn down all of my offers because I lack "proof."
    No problem at all. Let me know if there's anything else that interests you or any other trades we can work out :)
    Hm again unfortunately I'm not sure. It completely depends if anything is significantly different than what I have with better IVs, etc.
    Haha yeah I have that exact Smeargle, I may have even traded it to you. Any with Moody?
    Generally only gen 6-born ones. The only one I'm missing is a Summer Deerling, but I'm open to offers if they are different than what I have or if they are nicknameable. Anything else I specifically mention would interest me

    By the way, are you able to clone? I'm not able to myself, and I would really love it if I got a clone back of that Diancie...
    Yeah the Jirachi is fine with me. I'll get that ready for you and let me know when you're ready to trade! I'm good whenever, just a matter of checking in here and being on the same time you are
    It's all good, and thank you, I'm getting there.
    I understand it's frustrating when people don't respond and ignore your messages, but everyone is busy and have lives outside of here, so always give them a few days to respond, especially if they are reliable traders :) The Hoopa would interest me though!
    Seriously? I haven't been trying to broadcast this everywhere except to those I already have pending trades with, but I'm dealing with a medical thing. I've been in the hospital all week and haven't had my 3DS, so I haven't been able to think about your offer and compare your things to what I have. Barely any time passed since your last post anyway. I am HOPEFULLY going home today, and will look more into your offer when I get a chance. I apologize for the delay but you need to have a little patience as well.
    Diancie is naive, mew is given out at gamestop serebii on their Facebook page had it listed celebi in March is through Nintendo network I think they switch between GameStop and Nintendo network
    Hey bro would u be interested in a diancie that's 23/31/25/31/23/31? I hadn't resetted mine yet and forgot I had it I was going for hoopa but realized I had diancie and rayquaza still there and I been resetting for a good one and decided on that it's naive nature, I had a 5iv hasty nature but it's attack iv was really low :/ and got tired of resetting for like 3 days
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