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  • Never thought we'd get a monthly pokemon distribution that wasn't fake, or that they'd do anything for pokemons 20th aniv, they didn't seem to care much about events lately
    Anyone have a shiny diancie, xerneas or yveltal event for trade? I have a timid 27/31/31/31/31/30 HP Ice Mac Hoopa for trade
    Watching the us premiere of the hoopa movie now, they replaced how Regigigas sounds and its just stupid, hoopa is annoying, evil hoopa sounds okay though, first time watching the movies since black and white
    several of xerneas and yveltal's are uncloned. uncloned stuff i don't trade. stopped going for all natures since last time i checked my bank 73-74 boxes were full
    my friend has a language set of hoopa. yup quite. the new stuff is hard to get and trading scene has snobs who only trade new stuff for same or other things that are hard to get with proof
    Yah possibly could work at that time I will try to be on, if I don't come on it's prolly cuz I fell asleep or something I been going to bed really early lately since I work early morning but will try nonetheless if not can always try another day
    Is it me or since ORAS came out last year the forums have been kind of dead? Am I the only one who can't get sucked into the game for as long as I used too? And no one has any events either :/
    At least you visit the forum more often than me!

    I played Pokemon games too long that when a new Nintendo game came out and I am interested in it, I haven't touch the Pokemon game ever since till I finished the new game haha.

    I don't care about the main Pokemon game's story; I just want to battle online as soon as possible. I finished the story mode so fast and don't bother the small side quests or the useless facilities such as Battle Maison. Battle Institute, or the Foodcourt stupid thing. I hate when the AI does anything to win you (crit hits and choosing teams that has the advantages over yours).

    Ok. I have to be inactive here once again~ It is holiday for me but I don't feel the need to go to the forum anymore. Have a good day Smearglerocks!
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