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  • i noticed everyone wants him. :D Ill give you my fc when I get ahold of my ds. i left that one at home. Want my other FC? so you can tell me what I got?
    Are you just requesting peoples FCs? One of my ds is bug and the other is fairy. So far i only found mawile and togepi but no idea what the third one is. I havent explored my bug one yet and dont know what my 3rd ds is yet.
    Work in the hotel. 6000 a day at least. or re-challenge the E4. I just really want a shiny mewtwo. No info yet though. :/ Got any good Iv dittos yet? Where are you catching them?
    You have to be in lumoise city and just do everything for hours until you can meet the o power guy in invert something cafe. Took me like 4 hours and spent like over 30,000. I was getting super annoyed then I saw him in the cafe and was like "F*** finally". Just max your coolness in lumoise (or whatever its called) and keep checking that cafe for the guy. Then activate it when you hatch. Make sure you have all other 16 O powers first then you can do that. Some rumors about tipping increasing chances for shinnies but who knows. :/
    meeee tooo! I thought I was the only one. I think this was the first time I was completely in love with the E4. Victory road wasn't annoying at all. Tooo cool. Ive been trying to figure out if I can sr for a shiny mewtwo but no info yet. kinda sucks. I just finished my Y play through today. Working on my X tomorrow. No shinnies yet though :/ hatching O power got on my nerves though :D
    Thanks. If I can't get my pss online at my house, I'm going to my girlfriends on thursday. So I'll at the very latest be able to trade then. I'm hoping it doesn't take that long, all my recent adds for the friend safari are useless until I can get my pss up -___-
    Same here I am awful at IV breeding even with yours n quotes help I am not sure how to get the 5 flawless ivs I tried fletchling as well went for Adamant got only 3 ivs flawless through ditto maybe if I had a flawless ditto be helpful
    Still having trouble today with getting my pss online. I can get both my internet app AND my friends list online, but my pss just won't go. Makes no sense, and following all of the steps when I googled my error code just got me knocked offline for a half hour for no reason -___-
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