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  • There you are! You've got experience under your belt, and're willing to help out, I think you're worrying too much! Though, some worrying is good as to keep yourself sharp, just don't let it overwhelm you, huh?
    Me and my Fiancee still don't have OR/AS >.> Maybe someday, I'm just so mad about the fact they took customization out for the trainer.. I liked May/Haruka's old outfit better. I've been getting more into wanting to do pokemon battles, but just by a little.. Not really a big fan out competing against other players. Hope you regain some interest in pokemon. ^_^
    Dont need much of an apartment right now! Your parents got you covered for the mome, but don't take too much advantage. Couldnt any kind of moderately paying job be okay for right now? Do you have any experience or connections what would warrant your acquisition of a "high payin" job? :0
    Well you just gotta out there, man, to put it in simple terms! It's probably hard at first with all the like bad ways people seem, but that's why you just focus on positives
    Schools bein feirce, so I gotta be fiercer, though dont wanna over exert c:
    how're you though?

    also rip in popstar, my friend divi
    i crai everytim
    Metronome... xD True indeed. I love my Gengar :D But poor guy can be one hit KO easy.. So mine gets a focus sash, teehee. Sylveon can be a awesome wall, she took on so many pokemon, with rest, sleep talk, calm mind, and hyper voice while being pixilate :D It was awesome and yet took forever, calm mind built her SPA up so much i think she one shotted a mewtwo y xD
    Yeah sadly that type of game relies on a lot of luck.. It would be like playing pokemon with a bunch of movesets with low accuracy attacks >.> <.< xD
    Ah, it can be a downer, but maybe they're busy? Regardless, sometimes peeps just drift and there's not much you can do.
    Oh? We got that, and have played it a bit.. But not very far into it, it seems pretty fun ^_^ So is that other game Pokemon Rumble World, I don't like micro transactions, but it still seems fun! :D And I won the X/Y tournament today, I'm the reigning champion! xD But this time I gave the runner up the Gamestop gift card, seems fair.
    Teehee. I see, Destiny eh? Well.. I play Guild Wars 2 a bit >.> But still go to the librarys pokemon club every month and sometimes play the tournament with the kiddies, and even attended their mini comic con this month. I know how the friend thing goes, I've had plenty on other sites, and only a few would give me the time of day.. I'll still say hi and even Stuffs! :O so be well and if ya ever feel like chatting, shoot me a message, yeah?
    that's cool, I didn't get a chance to go and get anything :/ basically just been working and resting and watching anime, and netflix
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