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  • oooh we can be secret base buddies lol. im in negotiations(AKA i gotta finish cloning) for a trade for diancie and shiny jirachi so i may only need that eppie deoxys
    Well I'm happy, I got the new naruto movie, omega ruby, the pre order figures for both games and a second PS4 controller :)
    awesome, i got a genesect from the threads earlier but id love to get that deoxys again, and diancie would be awesome aswell, i put my shiny list back in the event and shiny threads if u want anything for those lemme know
    hey man internets been down for a while, i got omega ruby a couple days ago, im going to be trading again and wondered if u still had a few things, like shiny genesect and eppie deoxys, nintendo shut down the old ds wifi so i cant get my files into blk2, need to get a few things again lol and some missed events, like diancie and shiny jirachi
    Sounds like a lot of good stuff I don't know much bout destiny though lol ppl say it's fun though but I been trying to avoid shooting games to rage inducing for me
    Would prefer a hasty or naive one modest is lowering it's atk n has a low speed but it's up to u bro if I would have known my brother had a bad one I be resetting on his myself
    Hey man! I don't suppose you've got a shiny flawless pidgey, modest, with heat wave? (or at least everything but heatwave)
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