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  • It does not prove how bad my Bananaboat is! It has Perfect IV for special attack, def and special def by chain breeding yet...(Took me many times to get such nice IV spread.)

    It should not be that bad. Oh well no one uses Tropius except me in wifi battling anyway.

    Thanks for the battle! You do not need to show me your Pokemon data though. I battle anyone anyway, hacks or not.
    I hear the American news sucks. Though we also get reports of cannibalism which aren't so pretty. On a bus some guy decapitated a fellow rider and started to eat him. They're in argument right now he pleads insanity and wants to go to rehab not to a nuthouse -.-
    I am kind of disappointed of the lack of power on your Dragonite lol. Even super effective Hidden Power...is peanuts.

    Nah Crit or not, you still won me! I was shock of how slow your Hariyama was. Because actually my Dusknoir and Camerupt should be slower than yours as their speed were 58 for level 50, unless your is Brave and has about 19IV or below in speed.
    It is not lol. I know I cannot defeat Dragonite. It is all down to being hit once time to faint.
    Argh. Without Sunny Day, Bananaboat is pretty poor in special attack...

    You won me in this you know? Could have cooked me.
    Did you see that thing where they caught 2 cops racing to get to a Tim Horton's (Canadian coffee shop) at 3am and got fired? lol
    Triple is different. Too hard to counter like singles...

    I am bored. Wanna double battle?
    yeah, I saw that too, it's pretty cool that someone's that interested and that Kevin24's willing to trade them. Cool stuff :3
    That only happens in Trick Room. However so far I managed to stop the user using the move using Taunt.

    Doubles battle has many ways to counter unlike single battle.
    Lol up to you. Since is a tournament, use the team you are comfortable with~

    It is hard to break that team in doubles though. But I rarely seen it really last in battle because yeah I used Disabled lol.
    Usually noobs are the ones that use uber legendaries -_-

    But I like to beat them using NU~ Love when that happens. Able to win most of the time on Pokemon Battle Revolution though.
    Can you remake ur list?
    List down all ur NF/F and list 'em like this.
    Shiny: no/yes
    What Event: (Ex.. Almos etc..)

    do that to all ur f/nf
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