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  • Lol well you can also thank them for breaking your rhythm of asking for more battles.
    I battled alot of douche bags too anyway -_-

    I will never forget someone replied Fapfap in my Join Avenue.
    Just send me a message when your able to. I'll be checking Serebi roughly every hour for the next couple of hours, so even if I'm not on I should still see your message quickly enough.
    Thanks for asking Smeargle, I'm still in the dulling phase of moving.
    Can't do much besides doing what my body allows me too at the moment.

    Hopefully I'll resume my crazy activity here sometime soon, most likely in time for X and Y.

    Gonna make sure I give you a shoutout when I return as well, you've been a great friend (Only that has consistently cared enough to ask about me) here on Serebii.

    What was your Original name? Or has it always been SmeargleRocks? My memory seems to be a bit short nowadays.
    Yup, I'm literally sitting here watching them figure it out haha. Next moment, a change! Yeah, I traded him my Eevee a while ago actually haha. It's pretty locked down though so I'm sure it won't spread anytime soon.
    Oh, I'm always around, just hardly around here. If you ever need to contact me, you can Email me. :3
    Dance went really well, we both had a great time. 'Grads on graduating! :3
    Ah, I see... well just cure the hacked strain and it'll revert to the legal default strain.
    Anyways, if you want a definite answer to whether or not the Mew itself is legal, you'd need to see a Gen 3 mechanics expert, I know nothing of it's true innerworkings but I know someone who does, ask DarkRay on 'Check or Arbalest here.
    By the looks of it on 'Check it is (but I'd keep an eye on the hacked Pokerus thing).

    As for this:

    Why does it and Eppie's mew both have the Mew Japanese nickname though????
    It originated from a 3rd gen Japanese Emerald, and was traded to an english 3rd gen game to get Pal Parked to an english 4th gen game or something like that.
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