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    cheers for the freind request dude!

    cheers for the freind request dude!
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    Same-sex marriage and gay rights in general: Yes or No?

    oops i think i have just learnt a lesson, new to the site, didnt see bit at the top which said "Debate Forum", just saw the thread as it was having alot of replies...thread makes abit more sense now lol
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    Same-sex marriage and gay rights in general: Yes or No?

    wow, just stumbled on this thread and there's some pretty strong veiws flying about! what i think the biggest point that is coming across from this is that anybody who feels uncomfortable with certain aspects of a gay lifestyle, whether that be the idea of gay marrige or gay pride or gay...
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    Anyone else hate the obsession with shiny pokemon?

    i like the aspect of the shiny pokemon but i do feel like the 'magic' that was around them has faded, i still get a tad giddy when i find a wild one tho, just something different innit? i think maybe another way would be to have some way of customizing your pokes' with clothes and accesories etc...
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    i tend to see the majority of pokemon apart from flying type pokemon and pokemon who are overtly feminine. i dunno what it is about the flying pokemon, maybe it's their cry or appearance, but i see all of them as feminine pokemon. as for the overtly feminine pokemon kinda speaks for itself...
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    The evolution of Pokémon over the years

    i first started out with Blue which i absolutley LOVED! it is still the only game i was able to take to a nintendo event where i got me a mew! my brother had Red and my dad later got Yellow, which i soon swiped off him! looking back at those games, maybe it was my age, but the games seemed much...
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    i like catching my earlier pokemon in premier balls rather than pokeballs as i like the effect when the pokemon are released, for tougher pokemon dusk balls, again for the funky release effects!
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    What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you when using Metronome?

    my Jynx once used metronome twice and both times used fake tears, only problem was my jynx already carried that move! metronome can be way to frustrating sometimes!
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    First Winning Team DPPt

    on the first run of a game i always use the pokemon i catch early on, not quite sure why probably so i can get myself through the game quick enough to plan out how im gonna play it the next time round i won first time round with: Empoleon Luxray Staraptor Palkia Glaceon mismagius and it was...