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  • If you have an AIM or MSN screenname, just send me a PM with it and I'll contact you through that. (It's better not to have it show up on something that can be read publicly) Otherwise, just hit me with a Profile message whenever you see me online at the same time as you. I'll jump on Wi-Fi immediately after that.
    Since I've finished the National dex, I'm willing to breed anything that's breedable and Emerald clone any first- to third-gen legendary Pokémon you don't have (excluding Deoxys and Celebi--I've only got them on Diamond, but I'll gladly trade/trade back those two if you ask). I guess I'll start by breeding starters, and when we make those trades you can include Dusclops to evolve it.

    EDIT: Wow. The "view conversation" button makes PMs totally unnecessary and gives us a "thread" of our own to chat in. MySPPace is awesome.
    Sure thing, man. If you're up for a trade or battle, please let me know via PM or profile message and I'll do what I can to make time. My life is full in the most boring of ways at the moment, but it's simple enough to free short periods of time.
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