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  • That'd be so cool having you in one of my videos! We'd have to do the tiny face-chat screens, haha. It'd be good. We'd play... horror games or something, if you'd be up for it. If not, I'd just mess around on silly download games. :3 - we'd, like, use specialised emulators and ****, hah. I'd do my intro thing and my outro thing and we'd just say things that are significant to whatever conversation is relevant to the game. Most of it would probably be comedy. xD;
    Urukov: Bree... ^_^ *Enjoying being pet*
    Zephraxe: I got a text from Athéla saying that she and Braxton are coming, so I'm pretty happy. ^^
    Zephraxe: The plane from Koltus will be here at 10 AM, so we should go get breakfast, maybe find something to do for awhile, then head to the airport. ^^
    It's a really nice start. I watched a couple videos. The Vlogs are a bit on the short side, but good so far. I like 'em. I left a comment, as I've seen your reply. :)

    Maybe I'll start out by actually using a camera and my microphone. I might as well play around with the effects and try them out, too. I'm also probably going to use references to relate to people and to include more comedy into it. The reason I have such a passion is because I feel that it could be something to keep my attention on and something that could mqke me happy a lot of the time.
    I don't mind; after all, everyone has to start somewhere, right? I'm going to watch some of your stuff and then I'll tell y'what I think.

    Ah, right. I'll probably watch a few tutorials, but do you mind explaining 'YouTube Video Manager' to me? I'm really sorry for being so dumb.

    Yeah! It'll be great to see you again and talk to you face to face.

    You're welcome. [I actually think you're so cute when you blush... U////U]
    Zephraxe: *Already awake and dressed. He's sitting on his bed with an Umbreon on his lap and grooming it* ^^
    Zephraxe: *Looks at you after he lies down, but turns away, and falls asleep sometime later*

    *The following morning...*
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