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  • Mhmm. At least I can hear a bit better now, though, eh? B)

    Shiny Relicanth? Brilliant! I still haven't found anymore. Mostly because I didn't go on my game today, pfft. I am trash. o_o

    You're tellin' me. ^^;
    Me: *gets you untied* There. Ooh, wait. *removes the tape slowly* ^^
    Reggie: I'm sorry... *stands upright on his 2 wheels and blankly stares into your eyes* ... *a small piece of paper files out of his head, reading "Sorry! :)"*
    Zephraxe: *Yawns* Are you almost done? We can go back to the Pokémon Center so we can explore more of the city with Athéla tomorrow. ^^
    Zephraxe: Maybe you'll get to meet my twin sister, too. >:3

    OOC: I can read fast, but... Those frames, though. xD
    Zephraxe: Hmm... Did I tell you that my sister is going to be here tomorrow? She's flying in from Koltus.

    OOC: ... What? xD
    R3G: But my Master calls me Reginald ^^
    Me: Reggie, do the thing.
    Reggie: Thing... *in a flash, the small albeit strong robot tied you up, tapes your mouth and throws you into the corner* :D
    Me: Wrong thing... *hits reggie with a screwdriver*
    Me: Reginald! What are you doing?
    Me: That's... Uhh...
    R3G: NICE TO MEET YOU: 'UHH'. I am model number R3GN41D, built to entertain!
    Me: *Help. You mean help.
    Mostly deaf, actually... it's scaring me. On a totally unrelated note, happy new year! *Party tooter toots*

    Hey, me too. I can't seem to find anymore. The most common shinies are usually Venipede or Foongus, sometimes Lillipup as well, though. I can't seem to find any shinies, haha!~

    Seriously, I'm sorry again for disappearing... studies take a lot off your hands, especially free time. Pfft, I hate school and homework. xD;
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