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  • [I'll try and add you, man, if my online Skype thing will work. ^_^ - Just share your Skype to me, since it's a little weird because I use an online version. xD;]
    Yeah, uh... not so much these days... these days I'm feeling so useless and forgotten by just about everyone... hey, if you'd like, I could add you back on Skype? [I miss our talks and stuff... we used to be so close, Doc.]

    That's great news! Congratulations, man-!!!
    Hmm. Interesting you say that. Sometimes one's intuition can guide them more than mere experiences, but can be more dangerous. Although as someone guided by their mere intuition, experiences can have a solid foundation of our future, yet to me, such a foundation can be ultimately repetitive. I prefer a lifestyle that's flexible, although in love that's just how things flow. I just don't feel right without the consent of ones I love the most in life...
    I cannot give much empathy as I never went through such a thing in real, physical life but that's okay. I can only give you my insight on such a thing and well, like I said... Mend yourself. In the end, you have you and family, and in all honesty my end isn't that well either as my parents forbade me from going out with someone, making me cut off. To be perfectly honest, I don't think anyone is capable of such adult emotions at this point in life... Not even a fourth of it lived out... Nor a sixth... Therefore, studying does me good.
    I see, I feel as if you should take a break on love sir and mend yourself first before investing once more. In all honestly, even though love is technically an evolutionary behavior and releases Dopamine and such, not even I can comprehend such a thing without a bit of self discovery first. Learn from it, and carry on...
    The sky. Although, other than that, I'm looking for a Ciel cosplay so when I go to a con in May, I'm ready to have some pictures taken of me.
    I have been AMAZING, thank you.
    I have been getting better, I guess, over the past few weeks.
    Got a crush from school. :/
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