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  • Whoa hey man, it's been a while! Surprised you're still on here! Had to make a new account, couldn't log into the old one!
    snivy trainer
    My man! It's been ages, how have you been?
    I've been good man! Yourself?
    snivy trainer
    I'm good! What have you been up to? My god it's been so long since we last spoke! A good couple of years, damn.
    Damn I'm so **** at this lmao, to be fair I barely come on the forums anymore;;;

    ANYWAYS damn well I hope your other classes went well :) Hahaha hey I haven't had a hot teacher since that english teacher anyways. I had a teacher last year who sounded like a porn start, like her voice was insane I'm not even kidding hahahahh damn

    Ah fair enough! If you're happy with that then it's all good :) How's everything going anyway?

    Did you get USUM? I didn't, not planning on it either. Just miss when they added like A BUNCH of new pokemon rather than like 60 with a bunch of forms I dont care about :/ Yeah Idk I like the 3D graphics they look dope but doesnt have the same feel to it

    Same if gen 4 is remade I will defo buy that

    can't promise I'll reply quickly
    That's saddening to hear they all just poof pretty much :( But you're right, maybe one day.

    Nice, I hope you find one you like and he may do it. I am not sure, but who knows. We both are still trying to figure out what we will do for our lives.
    Man... **** poems x) That sounds disgusting, I feel so bad for you x) But I mean if you like it :p Our first teacher was hotter more caring for each student as an individual, way more interesting, hotter I actually didn't like her at the beginning but she helped me improve a lot over the 1.5 years she taught me and I don't know probably other stuff too. I also thought she was pretty hot so

    History and politics seems pretty interesting to me, but I don't know if you like politics. Do you? But then it doesn't have journalism. I would probably choose to follow journalism instead of history, seems like it has more future options. Although I'm pretty sure nowadays it's pretty hard to get a job in journalism. I actually wanted to be a journalist until I was like almost 16. Then I did an internship at a journalism place, hated it x)

    Yeah it was fun :) But I don't know what he's up to now. He goes online ever now and then but yeah. Don't know if he still posts, I know I don't (think you don't either?). Actually recently I've posted in the Game of Thrones thread, but apart from that. Yeah I don't play anymore either. I did finish Pokemon Sun and Alpha Sapphire, but sun I got in like january and finished like may x) Cuz I would play hardcore for like 1 week, then go 1 month without playing haha. I actually restarted it intending to play it, but there's so few interesting Pokemon from Alola it's depressing. Also thought of a nuzlocke, maybe I'll do it while I still have holidays.
    Yeah good choice, lit sounded like way more fun. Although, for my lit part like 3 years ago we also had to analyze poems and such... that was trash and not fun x) I recommend actually reading 1984, never seen the movie but the book was so great (also recommend the book Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind, but that's a different topic). Ah thats good, I had 2 english teachers (first one got pregnant), really liked the first one but the second one was meh. At least I had the first one for like 1.5 years so it was okay.

    Are you sure? Sometimes you can find some odd pairings, but I'm guessing you've looked into it x) Oh well

    I messaged him ages ago when I messaged you as well (like earlier in the year) but he never replied. Probably busy, he was older than us to be fair
    Yeah, and I am trying to come on here more often, though not many reasons too sadly. Some of the others I know on here don't come on too often either. So more and more reason to not come on :/

    Don't be too stressed and just do what you want. It's your life, not there's. Also good to hear, Red is pretty wise I have to say :D I have suggested he taking something up like being a councilor or something along those lines :D


    Thinking about it, when I was doing my high school programme, I had the choice between English Lit and English Lang & Lit (latter including stuff like bias, news, etc, not just literature), and I chose the second. My train of thought was basically Lit = More books, Lang Lit = less books, less books = less reading, less reading = less work. Man what a shitty idea. The lit part was the only one I liked. For reading, we had the book 1984 (one of the few books that school made me read that I actually LOVED, it was such a good read, if you haven't I HIGHLY recommend it!!), we had a couple of poems by a famous british writer (don't remember her name, you may know her though), and 2 plays being A Doll's House (was meh) and A Streetcar named Desire (actually really good). If I had to go back, I would have definitely chosen Lit. I liked 1984 so much that for one my assignments, we had to do a 'written task' based on 1984 (it was called written task). Basically you can do any written work as long as it's teacher approved, but we got a list with like 20 ideas (it would range from like writing a dictionary with some of the language used in 1984, but where you extensively add to it, etc) and I decided to write an extra chapter for 1984 x) It was one of the few times where I loved writing an assignment haha

    Many unis offer mixes of courses, maybe you can find a course where it has both to some extent? Could also do a minor in one of them, although I'm not sure how it works in the UK, since I study in Holland.
    Oh, okay then ^-^;

    Nope, so I am pretty excited. Granted, I may not do for a long-long time, I may seek a more in my field, but this is a nice start. So this is great :) That is a tough choice, but all I can say is follow your heart. Think about the long run. Even though one might be safer than the other, which will make you happier in the end? That is what RedAce♠ would have said ^_^ I mean art isn't too practical either and I spent over 6 years learning art and what not. So again, it's the long run really. Safer doesn't always mean better, but ultimately it's your choice Snivy. I hope you can pick the one you really want and go far with it ^__^

    I'm sorry to hear that. I have had more than my fair share of family issues... urrghhh :/ I swear... But hopefully things will smooth out for you. Foe me, still trying to get my life started I guess... I am 28 years old and gotten no where ^^; But there are a lot of problems with that, as collage had eaten up so many years of my life and some thing didn't pan out like I planned. But with this teacher job and other stuff happening. My future is looking better finally. I hope I can get back on some meds to help me with my ADD. As that is really hurting me... If I can get some insurance again. It would help me out immensely and then I can start getting a lot more done, instead of fighting a uphill battle to get things done each and everyday...

    But I think things will start improving, for the both of us. Just hang in there Sniny :) Thank you for the chat.
    Ugh English Lit. Thank God I don't have any of that **** anymore x) Yeah I know UCAS, I used it when I applied to some british unis. Fair, do you have any clue what you wanna do?

    Thanks :))))))

    Ah I see, fair enough.
    Anther late reply ^^; Sorry... Also I do many, like cowboy bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon, etc. But I haven't done many in a very long time, been mostly doing regular art. Like flowers, animals, etc. Display? Do you mean at art shows? If you do, I haven't done a whole lot of those. However I'm hoping to change that as a art teacher I have been volunteering for the last few years at a kid's school summer art class has introduced me to a person who does theses small art-shows every weekend or something like that. I am hoping that my younger sister, who takes lots of photos and she is pretty good at them, and I can team up and get some art made and sold. She does art like me, but she isn't as good as me.

    There is also a possibility I could become a art teacher at a school if this all works out, so I am pretty excited to say the least :) This will be my first real job, which is so embarrassing to say as most have already had a job long before my age of... sigh, 28 :/ But this is good, I get my first job, and it's something I love doing? It's a win, a win. I just wish I didn't let collage eat up 6+ years of my life. Which is what hindered me from getting a job in the first place and then more stuff happen in-between all that. RedAce♠ has tried to help me long before, but since I can't afford a car, it made it really hard to juggle everything. But now it looks like the waiting game maybe over, I hope ^^;

    So how have you've been doing?
    Ah fair enough, that's quite a lengthy period. Good luck!

    Ehhhhh I passed all my classes this year (PARTY). I actually have a summer, I'm so excited :')

    Yeah fair enough. I hate how academic... entities (like schools) focus so much on source analysis man. I mean I understand it's super important... but just like you said, it's so limiting for older history :/ Hm, that sounds interesting. When do you make a decision on that (or have you)?

    Thanks!! Went well thankfully :)
    Ohh that's kinda cool. You mean like between the 1st and 2nd world war, post world war 2, or in general, or what? I've learned quite a bit about germany's history given I grew there from 11 to graduating high school haha, so that is kinda interesting :)

    Ew not the cold war. I prefer wars that have that medieval theme to them, like prior to the french revolution kinda style (although I LOVED learning about the French revolution). Think Game of Thrones style, cut out the dragons and magic, and you got what I like! I would have probably studied ancient history (or like archeology, no joke, love that ****) if it had a more profitable, opportunity filled future. Or biology/chemistry, also really enjoyed those, but don't like the idea of working at a lab in the future (obviously can do more than work at a lab, but I feel like working at a lab is what most people end up doing).

    I think I did just well enough to pass haha. Not sure yet, grade comes out this week (hopefully tomorrow). FINISHED MY FIRST YEAR OF UNI HURRAY
    You know, I don't know a lot about the Ottoman Empire, but I know they were a pretty interesting civilization :p Would have been quite cool to study instead of the boring cold war

    Yeah thanks shouldn't be too bad. Although I'm struggling A LOT for the exam this week. It's on friday so I've got time, but it's super hard
    I'm really sorry for the late reply :( Well I like to draw some fan-art and other things. But I mostly do landscapes and other stuff like that. I also like drawing animals as well and just simple ones with multiple colors on them. Stuff like that mostly.
    American independence sounds cool! I have 2 more exams before my year ends. One next week and the other one the week after.
    Sorry I've been busy with studying and life :p Not gonna lie, none of those subjects sound like my cup of tea. Although I really enjoy history up to the industrial revolution. Especially medieval and ancient history.

    Lisbon, really excited to go :D
    True, but I guess it couldn't last forever :( And yeah, I know right? It's kind of funny how artist think XD But yeah, I'm proud of it. Proud it's finished and proud it looks so good. Now all I got to do is make a few copies of it as my nana wants it too. But my dad will get the original. Now I just wish I could get more paintings done. Though my sister and I have been working together and have been making a lot of quick pieces. I draw them, she paints into them. So that's been fun.
    Okay, but it's not the type of busy I like to be. Just life busy... I rather it be art busy ^^; But yeah, same here on this site. Jut checking on friends who are still on here and what not. Kind of sad how the guilds just kind of died on here :( Also my painting I was working on for so many years is a white tiger laying in the jungle. I'm quite proud of it.
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