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snivy trainer
Last Activity:
Apr 27, 2020
Feb 11, 2011
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United Kingdom
Ex Secondary School Student

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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty, from United Kingdom

snivy trainer was last seen:
Apr 27, 2020
    1. Ekans647
      Yeah. M-Szicor allows us to run another Psychic or Ghost type. Do you have a set for him? here's the set I want to run:

      Scizor @ Scizorite
      Ability: Light Metal
      EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
      Impish Nature
      - Defog
      - Roost
      - Bullet Punch
      - Knock Off

      I also like the idea of Giratina. It removes hazards and beat MMX.Why origin form though? Altered is more bulky.

      I think that Deoxys-D should be our final Member. It's an amazing lead Pokémon and can quickly throw down hazards. Even though it has a Dark weakness, it's meant to support early game. Here's the set:

      Deoxys-Defense @ Mental Herb
      Ability: Pressure
      EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD
      Calm Nature
      - Stealth Rock
      - Spikes
      - Taunt
      - Thunder Wave
    2. Ekans647
      Those were the sets I had in mind. For a steel-type, still can't decide. Jirachi can support with SR, U-turn, and Wish. Wish would allow us to run Pokémon that don't have auto-recovery, but has another weakness to Dark. While Aegislash counters MMX, he's also weak to dark. I'm still undecided about which one?

      How is Lugia beaten by MMX? Lugia has Aeroblast, remember?
    3. Ekans647
      Yeah. Defensive Xerneas is go. I was considering Steel as well. M-Szicor is a great partner with Xerneas, but I'm concerned with how well it can function in Ubers. Or other options are Jirachi, M-Mawile, and Aegislash. Which one do you way to run?
    4. Ekans647
      We'll test with both. I'm concerned about SR, so I'll test Pressure first, since it's more effective in the long run and can quickly wear down the low PP moves of Ubers.

      I agree that a Dark-type is our best option. I'm thinking of running Arceus-Dark. It provides us with strong bulk with also giving us an offensive presence. Yveltal is SR weak and Darkrai is too frail. I do want to avoid running P-Groudon. While it is bulky and can support with SR and T-Wave, I feel other pokémon can fulfill it's role better. Also, the entire has an answer to P-Groudon.
    5. Spacial
      Shet sorry my parents told me to stop using the computer but if you're still available hopefully I can later tonight .-. Arghhhh if not then tomorrow sometime
    6. Spacial
      If you can battle now then I'm available, if not then I can battle from around 4pm tomorrow although I'll have some homework so maybe 5-6ish
    7. Drummerdude
      It is a Zelda game. It's weird. You have 3 days to beat the game and you are constantly resetting the clock to do so.
    8. Ekans647
      Why Roost over recover? Roost removes our flying type. Here's the set I want to use:

      Lugia @ Leftovers
      Ability: Multiscale / Pressure
      EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
      Bold Nature
      - Roost
      - Toxic
      - Whirlwind
      - Aeroblast

      I can't decide between Pressure or Multiscale. I'm leaning towards Pressure since it's more consistent. As for partners, I'm thinking Xerneas, since it removes Dark types.
    9. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      Never had time to make a team, sadly.
    10. Spacial
      Okay sorry I couldn't battle on Wednesday, some of my parents friends came down from somewhere and they stayed until like 9pm :/ when can you battle tomorrow?
    11. TheSirPeras
      Indeed. I also traded over a Snorunt
    12. Drummerdude
      Sorry the internet has been out for a few days. Been playing B2 and Majora's Mask for the 3DS.
    13. TheSirPeras
      Yes, for Mega Pidgeot.
    14. TheSirPeras
      Thanks, got 2 badges. Team is Marshtomp, Whismur and Pidgey (traded over)
    15. Ekans647
      I'm thinking Stall or Semi-Stall. How about we build around Lugia?
    16. TheSirPeras
      Yeah I do. I'm gonna use some Pokemon I've been wanting to use for a while now... It's gonna be fun :)
    17. TheSirPeras
      Nah, still at first badge. Gonna play today though
    18. TheSirPeras
      Think it has like... Pound, Echoed Voice... and something else I'm not remembering. Maybe growl? I'm not sure
    19. the3rdH0kage
      ok makes sense, I plan on getting back into WOW over spring break, then over summer that's all I'm gonna be doing.
    20. Spacial
      Well they stick 4 massive needles in your mouths at different times and then use these metal things to pull your teeth out :| I have a few friends who have had the same thing too. So you've never had to have braces?

      Ah well I'm not sure since I can't predict when exactly my parents will allow me to use the computer I'll take a stab at 6pm but don't be surprised if I can't make the battle.
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    United Kingdom
    Ex Secondary School Student
    Favourite Pokémon:
    16 and sarcastic, enjoys any games pertaining to killing things

    Gaming, reading, eating jelly beans