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snivy trainer
Last Activity:
Jun 16, 2020
Feb 11, 2011
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United Kingdom
Ex Secondary School Student

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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty, from United Kingdom

snivy trainer was last seen:
Jun 16, 2020
    1. Shade2000
      Sorry for the late reply. I thought I did reply, but I guess not?

      I need some pokemon with 1000+ CP, but i'm reluctant to power up my pokemon. I want to catch some in the wild, but I rarely find any high CP pokemon. My main goal on GO however, is to catch 'em all.

      It's not so bad if she doesn't go out of her way to say she's a christian then. It's just being a teenager. Everyone *****es about people sometimes. Although these two girls in my class have managed to take it to a whole other level...

      No wifi isn't that bad. The nearby town has wifi, and it's pretty good so I can get it there. Maybe even catch a few pokemon who knows.
      I am a lot more productive when I don't have wifi though. Suddenly I manage to complete all my games, finish all my drawings and books and maybe even study. I need to to study this summer because GCSEs and also because my history teacher is rubbish so I learnt nothing all yeah. I hope i'll have to teach myself all of 1920s america and britian late 1800s to early 1900s.... great. My french teacher is not the best either, so i'm playing pokemon yellow in french to help with that.

      I don't really want a gap year because i'll feel like i'm getting behind, and also there's so much stuff to do in it. Idk I could teach in Japan or become a ski instructor who knows.
      I have no idea what I want to do when i'm older lmao. Good luck choosing A-levels Shade.
    2. Da_bomb.com
      Yeah, I have noticed an increase in CP lately. Today I think I'm going to go hunt with a friend who found a charmander nest so I'll hopefully level up and get a bunch of charmanders, maybe even a charmeleon. Hopefully higher CP but since it's a pokemon I haven't even seen in-game yet I don't care too much.

      Yeah, I'm starting to tour colleges and so far all the ones I've been to I like. I have one particular school I very much want to go to, but tuition is insanely expensive and I don't feel like living in debt for my entire life. I don't really know what I want to do with my life, all I know is I want to do something involving science. I'm taking a computer science course this year so I can find out if I like that or not, otherwise I'm going to stick with physics/engineering in college, since I know I like those two areas. Most of my friends aren't into science, so I guess I'm just the complete opposite of you.

      That was how I met most of my friends years ago, like we had assumed tables in lunch so we all just ended up becoming friends. However, we don't all have classes together anymore so that group is kinda falling apart.

      I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out, and just remember she's probably just as nervous as you are. You'll be fine, especially if you guys have been talking for a while and know you have stuff in common.
    3. Da_bomb.com
      My Haunter is 579, but that was evolved from a 240 something Gastly. I haven't leveled up in almost a week, but maybe I'll get luck and finish out 14 this weekend. I hope the level 15 will be the point I start getting some really good stuff.

      Yeah, this is my last year of high school, so it shouldn't be too difficult, but I just don't want to be back to full days of schoolwork rather than full days of sleeping and reading and gaming. I'll get to go to college next summer, and I'm really looking forward to that. Neither me nor my friends know where we're going yet, so I have no idea if we'll stick together or not, but I guess we'll figure that out soon enough.

      I think the reason that group has it is because about a year ago it was this one guy who brought a bunch of people he knew to a hangout and we all ended up liking each other, but since we don't know each other outside of this one guy we don't hang out too much without him.

      Welcome to the club, man. Of being bad at flirting, that is. I would say I understand complicated, but I don't, so all I can say is good luck sorting that out.

      That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like to spend my summer in a library.
    4. Da_bomb.com
      Yeah, I had a 200ish Zubat that I was a couple candies away from evolving, but the wild Golbat I found is much better than that one ever would have been. Now I'm waiting on Gen 2 so I use all my candy on making a Crobat. I'm hoping to find even more Gastly around because I really want a Gengar.

      Yeah, Monday August 8th is my first day. Not looking forward to it at all, but it's fine. At least I'll get to see my friends again. Dang, 5 weeks away for you. So does your summer break start at the beginning of July/end of June?

      I just had three friends away for 6 weeks, and that really sucked because they're pretty much the glue that held that particular friend group together, so we didn't do much without them. Yeah, I can see it being hard to flirt with people who are thousands of miles away. I guess I'm lucky, because none of my friends really went out of the country, most of them just went to a beach or something for a few days to a week. What do you volunteer for?
    5. Da_bomb.com
      The Golbat I found a week ago at 630 is really good, but Vaporeons are still the best.

      I've just been working a lot. I have a job a chain restaurant that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist in Europe, so you probably wouldn't know it. I've also been rereading A Song of Ice and Fire, and trying to hang out with my friends as much as possible before school starts back up in a week. What about you?
    6. Da_bomb.com
      I still don't have anything higher than my 693 CP Flareon, and I think I only have 3 or 4 in the 600s. I evolved a raticate this morning that ended up with a great move set, but it's at 374 CP and much worse than my best raticate at 496. I need one more bellsprout for a weepinbell, so I'm hoping for that in the next few days. I should get a 5k egg done today, hopefully it's good.
    7. Da_bomb.com
      I'm still in level 14, I've been busy lately and haven't had a chance to go out hunting in about a week. Hopefully that'll change this week though. I got a Gastly out of an egg, which was disappointing but gave me enough candy to evolve my good Gastly, so it wasn't too bad.

      Yeah, all my rare-ish Pokemon are pretty low CP and the only good ones I have are really common
    8. Da_bomb.com
      That Vaporeon is gonna wreck gyms, man. My best is still my 690ish Vaporeon. I took my first gym the other day, held it for 2 minutes, then some dude obliterated me with a Snorlax. I guess I'll just have to find some random gym in the middle of nowhere if I want to get any benefits at all.
    9. Da_bomb.com
      I walked around a college campus with a friend last night so there were pokestops everywhere, I went from barely any pokeballs to 50+ regular and great. I got a Porygon from a 5k egg and a CP 630 Golbat in the wild, so now I'm catching a bunch of zubat to hopefully evolve said Golbat when they add Gen 2.
    10. Da_bomb.com
      I went out hunting yesterday, and I caught a Pikachu and some other rare Pokemon, so that was fun. I also gained a few levels so here's hoping for some better stuff soon.

      No worries man, I'll find someone else who can help out with that.
    11. Da_bomb.com
      Yeah, the whole being outside thing is pretty unfortunate, but it's great for getting me back to being at least kind of physically fit.

      I decided to put the hunt on hold after 300+ encounters, and I beat the game last night. Now I'm going through the Delta Episode, and I think I'll go back to hunting after that, then try to complete the National Dex, because I've never done that before. Actually, could you do me a favor later today/tomorrow/whenever? I need someone to trade with to evolve my kadabra and a few other dudes
    12. Shade2000
      CPs depend on level, like I have lots of high(ish) levelled pokemon bc i'm level 13. Sad as I saw a Bulbasaur and Charmander today, but they both ran away. I think i have enough vastly candy to evolve one now though.
      I also saw a Mr.Mime on my nearby radar, but I was on the train so I couldn't get it. I have trouble tracking pokemon too, like the pokemon that appear on the map are never on my nearby radar and vice versa.

      Yes, I think a lot of my school are labour too, but the area my school is in is conservative. But people come from all over to my school so idk.

      Wow that's not nice, and doesn't sound very Christian... oh well. What does annoy me is when people constantly talk about other people who they hate, like if you hate someone, try to ignore them. I generally don't hate people, I either like them or are indifferent towards them. There's a lot of people in my year I don't talk to (some I didn't even know existed until this year...)

      It's quite nice. It's in the north so it's not too hot, and yes it is peaceful but it's very remote, so they can't get wifi to the house...
      I went during the half term and there was this boy who lives round the corner and her came and started shouting at our house in bad English, I ignored him but the next day I was at a restaurant in the nearby town with my family and he walked by and he did a double take when he saw me, and showed my to his friends. Then the day after that, my mum asked me to take the trash to the big bin round the corner and I was like no i'll see the boy. But she told me I wouldn't so I went and he was there. When I walked back, his whole family was watching me through the window it was really creepy.
      But anyway, three weeks this summer without wifi will be really groovy.

      Idk if i'll do it. Someone mentioned it to me recently and it seemed like a good idea. I don't think i'll have a gap year though anyway. I'd like to get a job an make some money tbh.
    13. Da_bomb.com
      Damn, other than Exeggcute and Goldeen I haven't even seen any of those. I saw a Persian in my nearby tab this morning but I couldn't track it down, so it's back to just pidgeys and rattatas for me.

      Man, dexnav hunting is tedious, I've made two chains of 90 as well as a few smaller chains so far and nothing on this shiny vulpix. I'm hoping one pops up soon.
    14. Da_bomb.com
      Yeah, me and a friend are planning to go out and hunt for some Pokemon later this week, probably Friday. So I'm trying not to use any data until then so I have more to use. I don't have any pokestops near my house anyways, so I'm not missing much
    15. Da_bomb.com
      What level are you? I was on vacation a lot recently so I blew through data but got a lot of cool stuff and got to level 11. My current best is a 693 Flareon. Team Mystic all the way

      Yeah, once you get kyogre/groudon the whole game opens up, and you can start catching non-hoenn Pokemon, get the national dex, get the Eon Flute, et cetera. I'm currently hunting for a shiny vulpix, because shiny ninetales is one of my favorite ones and I don't have one yet.
    16. Shade2000
      Was going to go out and do a lot of pokehunting on sat, but the servers crashed for like 4 hours while I was out. Which was annoying. I caught a 631 CP seaking today at the station on my way to school, as someone used a lure at the station. I also saw a jigglypuff, but it ran away, which is a shame as i hadn't seen one before.
      All I hear people talking about on the train and at school.
      I'm jealous of your haunter, I haven't caught enough gastly to evolve mine, and gengar is my favourite pokemon.

      I only became interested in politics in the run up to the general election. Idk why, maybe because it was a big thing at my school, as people were campaigning for the mock election. I remember we got something weird like a labour / green coalition. Which is strange. Most of my form is very conservative though.

      If you don't mind, could you tell me that story? I'm nosey and I like a good story.
      People at my school are all very nice, there is little to no bullying at my school. There was one girl in my class who said some homophobic stuff behind people's backs, but then she got confronted and socially cut of from (most of) the form. People in other forms don't believe she would have said that, but she is a gemini so she's two faced.

      I've never lived anywhere than in a city, although every time we've moved house, we've always moved a little further out. However, we have a house in rural France so I have a taste of what it's like. I don't like it much though. Even though I live by a railway line, i find it louder in the countryside because of birds etc.

      I like travelling, and i'd like to travel more. But maybe not study abroad.
      I'd teach English, as you can just speak english to them, as it's university students, so they'd be very good at english. Also you get your travel and accommodation paid for.
    17. Da_bomb.com
      Yeah, I tried it out a few times years ago when I was active in THT before I realized I like the games more than trying to play competitively.

      Same for me, I can't do much exploring around my neighborhood because I don't have much data, so I'm stuck with pidgeys mostly, with the occasional spearow. My biggest accomplishment in the game is getting a CP 538 Pinsir in Florida a week ago.

      Neither have I actually, I've gotten all the gyms and have the national dex but I haven't even started victory road yet.
    18. Da_bomb.com
      Just looked through the thread, I think I'll join. Unfortunately I'll have to re-download PS to see if i can find my account and stuff, but who knows. Maybe I'll just have to make a new one.

      Pokemon go is great, but because suburbia I don't have much besides pidgeys and rattatas, and the 3 step bug is killing me. I just got to the point in Alpha Sapphire where you can fly on Latias, and since I never played X/Y and didn't stay updated on news for the game, it was a complete chock to me, in a good way. I've caught 4 legendary Pokemon from other regions just today. I love it.
    19. Da_bomb.com
      Hmm, I would join Ring of Fire but I'm neither active not interested in competitive Pokemon, so it's probably not worth bothering. I'm sure it's cool though.

      I've been playing a lot of Halo 5 lately, and doing some GTA V as well. I got Fallout 4 a while ago but I never really got into it. What about you?
    20. Da_bomb.com
      Yeah, I saw THT is dead, which sucks. I've just been living life, playing a lot of video games and just enjoying my summer. I've played like 20 hours in Alpha Sapphire over the past week and I'm getting into endgame stuff now. Also just slowly watching the world fall apart, between brexit and turkey and all that
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