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snivy trainer
Last Activity:
Apr 27, 2020
Feb 11, 2011
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United Kingdom
Ex Secondary School Student

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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty, from United Kingdom

snivy trainer was last seen:
Apr 27, 2020
    1. Da_bomb.com
      Hey dude, it's been a long time since I've logged in and I'm seeing what's happening with all the people I used to talk to. I finally got around to playin Alpha Sapphire and Jesus that game is fun, also Pokemon Go hype is real. Anyways, what's been going on with you?
    2. Shade2000
      PokeGO is god, but the area where i live in very dry. I went out for a walk for an hour today and found nothing but the usual; rattata, pidgey and Zubat.... One of my eggs hatched into an electabuzz though, so i'm satisfied. I was a bit annoyed that the server kept crashing, as it was released in the UK today. I saw a lot of people playing it in the park.

      Tbh the world is falling apart lately. Maybe is was before though, I was just ignorant to it. I only really became interested in current affairs recently.

      Tbh, it sucks being in the middle as no-one votes there, people tend to swing either way.

      Ahh it must be nice to live near the coast :) I like living in the city, if anything i'd like to live more central (if i had like £5million though).
      I think for Uni I might stay in the UK or even go to Japan. I might consider teaching in Japan in my Gap Year, as i heard they do good deals for that. I just got all my resources for starting AS Japanese. We have to learn 200 more Kanji, but I think i'm on top of those now as I already managed to learn 200.
    3. Shade2000
      Pokemon GO is amazing. I'm not particularly good but I enjoy it anyway and no, I haven't caught anything very interesting. I really want to go out to play it, I have been out but not with the intention to actually play GO. Me and Spacial are arranging to go out in a few weeks and play go tho.

      Politics is disintegrating, not just in the UK though, as America has Donald Trump.
      Teresa May is PM now, I don't think she'll be very bad.

      I think i'm more Lib-Dem than conservative, but more conservative than Labour. People compare the tories here to the republicans in America, which is honestly not a good comparison since the republicans are way WAY more conservative than the tories. I think the democrats and the tories are more equal.

      If you don't mind me asking, what part of England do you come from? (like south west or north east, nothing specific.) Since certain areas seem to share certain political views.
    4. Shade2000
      I downloaded pokemon GO and i'm having a blast. I've been into central London the last 3 consecutive days I've had it so i've had a lot of access to pokestops and pokemon.

      I'm not a big fan of Labour, neither is my family. My Grandad said once, "there's enough Labour in this country without voting for it". Not quite sure what it means, but still.
      I don't think the conservatives are that great either although the Tory / Lib-dem government wasn't too bad.
      Corbyn > Blair, as honestly Blair is not okay he basically messed up the world by going to war in Iraq. Oh well, whats worse is the fact he won't accept he is wrong.

      I think Teresa May should be Prime Minister out of those two, she's more experienced etc. However, lots of Brexiteers think she shouldn't become PM as she was remain.
    5. Shade2000
      There are, obviously, some benefits to leaving (not that I could name any), but i'm still not convinced about the security of my future.
      It's definitely true that not everyone who voted leave is racist / xenophobic, but without the racist / xenophobic people they wouldn't have won the vote.
      What is sad is the incredible spike in the number of hate attacks happening because of this, like people using it as an excuse to tell people to leave the country (although i suspect there might have also been a spike in the number of these attacks reported on as well).

      We also don't have a proper government now, since Cameron has stepped down. Not really sure who I want to replace him but none of the candidates take my favour. The Labour party is also unstable. Personally I don't think Corbyn is a good leader, but I do think its funny how he says he wants the Labour party to be a highly democratic party, but won't step down even though a majority of his MPs gave a vote of no confidence....

      Also mad that Pokemon GO hasn't been released in the UK yet, but has been released basically everywhere else...
      Just yet another reason to move out the UK....
    6. Spacial
      I've done two terms of volunteering with children (helping tutor kids for SATs at a local primary school last term and helping at an exercise group for disabled kids this term) and I have a few younger cousins so I'm fairly comfortable around children lol, but I do find it easier to deal with them when I'm with a (preferably less capable) friend. Hopefully you'll be fine haha.

      Ah I hate dancing also. My school has our year 11 prom today - we also have a sixth form though so most of those in year 11 will stay at the school for year 12. That sounds sad, tell me about this girl.

      We didn't have an open evening haha we just had a few people from the year above telling us about their choices etc. Art was popular as was Drama - the choice that the least amount of people took was Greek, there's 3 people in that class and they're all really clever.

      Got a few grade boundaries for science - I definitely got a C in biology, probably a C in chemistry and possibly a B in physics. This means I'll probably be doing Double Science next year (in our school everyone does Triple Science for a year and then those who struggle get moved down to Double) which I'm happy with in terms of my workload, but am hoping won't look bad on my CV compared to others from my school.

      Yeah, I agree. Gove is bad news - at least I don't have to deal with his changes to GCSE's, although I'm annoyed that A-Levels will be less coursework-based because I perform really well in CW and less so in exams. I'm somewhere to the left although I don't fully support Labour (I'll vote Labour when I'm old enough though). Also Corbyn's a bit of a nutter so I don't support the party under him. And you?
    7. Shade2000
      Also most people voted out so we would be able to control immigration (and bc they're racist/xenophobic), but if we want to be able to trade with countries in the EU we nee access to the free market (or is it open market?) and if we have access to that, we need to allow free movement of people anyway, so immigration won't be stopped. Personally I think if we get into that situation, immigration will increase, as because were in the EU, we could negotiate to have some control over immigration (e.g. not being part of the Schengen(spelling?) agreement) but if we are not in the EU, we will not be able to negotiate as well since they will probably be super bitter about us leaving, as it has a massive impact on the EU since we contribute so much money (which ISN'T going to go to the NHS like previously promised...)
    8. Shade2000
      Yeah I think we should have stayed for the economy etc. I think lots of people who voted out were tired of being underrepresented by the government so used it as a protest vote. I'm also a young person living in London, so I fall into the category of people who are likely to vote in the most.

      In our school referendum, Remain won by 90% of votes, so I honestly wish that was the actual result.

      Anyway, what do you think?
    9. Spacial
      Ah, that sounds cool. I volunteered to help at a local charity bookshop during the summer which should be good fun.

      Is your school having a prom?

      Yeah, we had to do a Language also and most people ended up doing at least one Humanity because they're subjects that everyone took in Year 9. I'd have liked to do something creative but everyone in my school is really talented at art, music, drama etc so I felt too self-conscious to take any of those for GCSE.

      Thanks! My teacher seems really disappointed about my Lit though and I've done much worse than the average in all of my sciences (this was to be expected, but my parents won't be pleased). I should be fine at GCSE though because I didn't really prepare for any of my exams haha.

      Well, hope you enjoy Breaking Bad when you start watching it :)

      Yes, I'm Remain also - I live in London, which is one of the areas where the majority voted Remain. I just don't see what we have to gain from cutting ties with an organisation that's designed to bring benefits to its members. Bloody glad that Boris Johnson won't be the PM though.
    10. WhyBuffet
      I don't know much about the EU, what its benefits and detriments to the UK were, or which countries want to stay and leave the EU. But from what I've heard, staying in the EU would have made more economic sense for the UK. Now that the UK has basically stood as Bisharp to the EU (Defiant), you're right, it may embolden other nations to want to leave. Ultimately, as you say, it will take a long time to see any drastic change. If the UK even ends up leaving. None of the politicians are moving forward on this, they're just dragging their feet on the whole thing.

      Well, here's hoping that after your secondary schooling is done, you'll get the opportunity to take courses here in the Great White North. I'm not much of a nationalist; I could care less for national pride or the whole "my country is better than your country," etc. There are some things I'd want that Americans have that Canada lacks, but ultimately, I feel much safer in Canada than I think I would in the US.
    11. WhyBuffet
      Your dad is totally right, and so are you; nobody really knew anything about the EU or what was going on before voting. They just let themselves get riled up by the politicians and voted a way in which many of them later regretted. Personally I think that the UK (we'll see how long it remains the UK, with the whole Scotland thing) should sleep in the bed it's made, and if people are concerned about the economy, they should jump ship now. You lucked out by being able to come to Canada; much better choice than the States IMO, and Britain looks like it's in for turbulent waters.
    12. WhyBuffet
      I think your summation is pretty spot on, though I think if the people who voted Leave were as uncertain as you say, they should have either abstained from voting, or done more research before the fact. What kills me is hearing about the whole Google search thing, where the search for "what is the EU" spiked only after the referendum. Now even good ol' Nigel and Boris are scared to hit that big red button. It's like they weren't expecting to win, and now have to backpedal on a lot of the stuff they were saying.

      But, like you say, it's done, and now we have to see what happens.
    13. WhyBuffet
      Well snivy, since you asked Shade if she was Remain, does that mean you yourself also fell into the Remain camp?
    14. TheSirPeras
      That's pretty deep man. Damn.

      Yeah I saw. You never know what you have until it's gone. You think Scotland and Northern Ireland will gain independence from the UK since they voted to remain? Yeah didn't Nigel promise the whole 350 (or whatever amount it was, I can't remember off the top of my head) payment thingy but then it came up that he never promised? xD

      Yeah but I've got no motivation to play it now xD Have to re-evolve most my Pokemon too, ugh. I rewatched Ash vs Paul today for the kicks, ****ing sick battle

      Ey sounds like fun! It happens man don't worry about it, everyone (unless you're like, the definition of gorgeous) goes through that.
    15. TheSirPeras
      Yeah I understand, I think a lot of people go through that.

      Ah ok, I would have voted remain too if I was british. I think the pros just outweigh the cons to remain, but we'll see. Plus, Nigel Farage is an utter useless ****.

      I kinda wanna play through Johto again, but I'll probably get bored halfway through it. I forgot to save in ORAS and now I'm back at before Fortree :/ I was almost in Lilycove ugh
    16. TheSirPeras
      Ah, well hope all goes well and you manage to go to your dream uni! :) I wouldn't be able to live there... because it's too cold xD
      I don't think you're 18 so you couldn't vote right? If you could have/did what would you/did you vote for?

      Congrats man, now for a well deserved rest :D

      I feel like Gen IV remakes would be too early... but that's probably because 4th gen is the first gen I genuinely completed (except pokedex).
    17. Spacial
      What're you doing for volunteering? I've been on a school volunteering program throughout the year so have done various stuff that I probably wouldn't have been able to volunteer to do outside of school.

      Are you tired after your exams?

      Well, we had less of a choice than you do. I'd probably have taken Media Studies if I'd had the chance, it seems interesting. I'm not sure, I guess RS is the only subject in which we get to discuss things and offer our own opinions.

      I've gotten all of my exams back now, got a A*s in English Lang (I actually got the highest mark that I know of (84%, it was 90% before moderation), which I'm proud of) and RS, an A in English Lit - I just scraped the boundary which for me is **** because I get full marks in all of my essays and stuff so I just ****ed up the exam, but I'm gonna try to write more essays to amend it; and a B in History, which also should've been higher because I'm good at the subject, but I barely revised so I'm not surprised.

      I can't recommend Breaking Bad enough, I haven't watched any of the other shows you're going to watch though. I've been searching for other tv shows to watch but I have really weird tastes so I haven't been able to find anything that interests me.

      What do you think about Brexit?
    18. TheSirPeras
      Ah that's cool. Where are you thinking of going?

      Nice dude, congrats!

      I want them to make another kanto remake, it's been a while since I played those games.
    19. Spacial
      Ha, good to hear! I'm finding it difficult to relax with my parents breathing down my neck about exam results.

      Yep! All of my science results have been about 5% below the year average which I'm pleased with. The exams we did were (adapted) GCSE papers so we've got grades also - I don't know about science but I got an A* (apparently, since someone found the grade boundaries online) in Maths and As (these are confirmed by my teachers) in Spanish and Computing. I'm pleased so far, they're solid results. I've yet to get English (Lang and Lit), History or RS back.

      Ah, a GoT fan I see. I tried to watch the show but gave up after about a season and a half - I just couldn't get into it haha. I love Breaking Bad, but it's been over for a few years. There's a spinoff show that's running instead called Better Call Saul which I also really like.
    20. Spacial
      How was Chemistry? Good to hear that history went well also.

      I find Biology difficult also. I got my exam back and got 62% - I had only revised for about 2 hours beforehand and none of the stuff that I revised was in the test haha. I don't know what the grade boundaries/average for the year are but I could've done worse. I also got my Maths back on Monday and got 79% - again we haven't been told the average etc but it's a pretty good mark as far as I know.

      Ha, sounds like a laugh. I've done R & J and The Tempest also, as well as Twelfth Night.

      What're your favourite books?
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