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snivy trainer
Last Activity:
Apr 27, 2020
Feb 11, 2011
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United Kingdom
Ex Secondary School Student

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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty, from United Kingdom

snivy trainer was last seen:
Apr 27, 2020
    1. Spacial
      Oh, that sounds like a pain. Do you have time to learn the rest of Physics before your exam?

      Yeah, I think it's brilliant. We haven't studied it yet but are about to start this week and I've seen it before (while most of my class haven't - I think we're going to watch a DVD at some point). We study Shakespeare every year but I'm more engaged this year so it should be good fun (ha, if my class could hear me say that...). What Shakespeare have you read/seen/studied?
    2. TheSirPeras
      Ah fair enough. Yeah, you'll probably meet some people that are more into that when you go to uni.

      Gotta look at the positive parts of it haha, there's no point in thinking back to what could have gone better, it's not like you can change it now so you may as well just try not to think of it.

      That's a pretty cool team. I love kanto teams, they feel so nostalgic. Surprisingly decent actually, I thought it wouldn't be able to win many games but it's done really well. Same with snorunt, so it's a good surprise.
    3. TheSirPeras
      Really fun! I went with my friends (first time not going with my family), so it was different but it was soooo much fun, I really miss it.

      Well at least the majority seemed decent! :D

      What team is it? I've been playing my ORAS game that I told you about in like april, my team is Grovyle, Combusken, Marshtomp, Metang, Noibat and Snorunt. Heading to Lavaridge town right now. I'm taking my time with this game haha
    4. Spacial
      Yeah, Chemistry is my least favourite also, but I find it easier to understand than Physics. Biology is also my favourite of the sciences, it's less theory-based and such and I also have a good teacher who lets our class sit where we want lol.

      I'm on a different spec from you so I haven't read any of those apart from Of Mice and Men. Glad to hear your Lit exams went well though. We're on the Cambridge iGCSE board and are doing Spies, a collection of Gillian Clarke poems and All My Sons for exams and Othello for coursework.
    5. Spacial
      Yeah I'm Year 10 haha, these were end of year exams (I thought I explained sorry).

      Ah that's good! I'm finished exams now, Spanish went well and Physics could've gone worse (and would've if I hadn't woken up early this morning to revise).

      Yeah, everyone in my year always has a dig at the people who ask for extra paper. A friend of mine wrote 7 pages - I'm quite slow when I'm thinking so I never need extra paper haha. What book/poems/plays have you done for English Lit?
    6. Spacial
      Oh, well at least you did well in the Germany section. I hope you get your target grade :) good luck in your exam today!

      I think I messed up a bit in English Lit (which is disappointing because I like it) because I only wrote about a page on the poem. I wrote a lot for the book but my writing was a bit crude so I may have dropped marks on that. I know I've done well in English Lang because our exams have already been marked, and RS because I had a little help from people who'd already done the exam. Chemistry and Biology went well, I've got Physics in about an hour which is my worst science/subject, and Spanish after that - then I'll be done.

      Yeah the schedule is weird, I don't know if the teachers were expecting us not to tell each other what was in the tests. This is the first time they've done Year 10 exams in one week - they used to have two weeks of exams over which Year 10 had study leave.
    7. TheSirPeras
      Sorry, I've been on vacation in ibiza.

      How did/have your exams go/gone?

      Should have bought yellow
    8. Spacial
      How'd history go?

      I've done my English Lang, Chemistry, History and Computing exams. They're difficult but his week is really relaxed and I don't mind if I don't do well. Our schedule is kinda weird and some of us have certain exams before other people do, so we've been telling each other what's in the exams haha. I haven't really benefitted from it but it's fine.

      Ah, we did some of that in year 9 - but of course you would cover more at GCSE. At least you've been learning it for years, so you'll know some dates well.
    9. RedAce♠
      I'm so-so sorry for this late reply :( So much has been going on, so that is why I haven't been on. My best friend had died in a car accident at the end of April and then a week later, my step-dad had a heart attack and then while he was in the hospital, my oven died... So been really, really hectic :( But things have calmed down and are getting better. My step-dad is healing up nicely, so things are improving. But this last month has been hell for the most part.

      But other than all of this, holding up with Flare♥ How have things been for you, I hope a lot less worse than what I've been through.
    10. Spacial
      Those sound like solid results, good luck with your remaining GCSE's :)

      Germany sounds like a pain; do you cover the same stuff several times, or is there more to it as you continue to study it?
    11. Spacial
      We don't do a Germany course at GCSE, but we cover it in year 9. I'm trying to focus on science this week (mainly physics and chemistry), which is my weak point, but I genuinely don't understand some parts of it and need someone to explain it to me haha. I'm not that bothered about how well I do in these exams though, and I'm always one of the most nonchalant of my friends about the whole process. How did you do in your mocks?

      I think I'm on the same board for Maths and Spanish as you, as well as AQA for science. I'm on Cambridge iGCSE for a few things (English and Computing that I can think of) also.
    12. Spacial
      Yeah, although now I've got a week to learn the dates for the entirety of the Russia and Cold War courses for my History exam haha. I've been doing better in school this year than I have for the last couple of years so I don't really want to mess my exams up (the likelihood of which is increasing, seen as I haven't started/am starting my revision and next week is exam week). Which exam boards are your GCSE's on?

      Those sound like good choices - English is my favourite subject and I'm leaning towards that for A-Level, but who knows what I'll be thinking next year. When did you know/decide on which A-Levels you're doing?
    13. Spacial
      No, but I will be next year. I've got end-of-year exams in a few weeks though.

      What're you doing for A-levels?
    14. TheSirPeras
      Well at least you're one week in. Yeah it's ridiculous if people complain so much, and it makes the educational organization lose its credibility.
    15. Spacial
      Hey Snivy, how're your GCSE's going?
    16. TheSirPeras
      Yeah I also saw some of those hitler subtitle videos but for my own exams (and other topics in general) I love them they're so funny lol.

      Yeah, I heard. I've seen that in quite a few websites around the internet. Well at least it doesn't seem as intense as they made it to be.
    17. TheSirPeras
      Is it one of those hitler subtitles videos? At least you're slowly getting these out of the way right

      I'll be awaiting patiently.
    18. TheSirPeras
      Good luck!

      That would be nice, given that it's I think 60 euros. Pretty expensive.

      I'm gonna take a guess that it's either Machop or Heracross. Excited to see how it works out
    19. TheSirPeras
      Yeah it is, but surprisingly it wasn't so bad. It was I think around 20 ish pages, but some questions you could "quickly" go through (quicker than normal for chemistry standards) while other questions did require a lot of thinking, so in the end 2 hours and 15 minutes was actually a really useful amount of time. I think I only finished very close to the end time, so it was good.

      Dude good luck!! You'll do awesome :)

      It's literally the best game for PS4 I've played. Naughty Dog (company that made uncharted & the last of us) has some awesome games, beautiful graphics wise and awesome story line wise. If you ever get a ps3/ps4 you have to buy these games.

      Yeah that's probably why. I did really like the looks of the region in the trailer though. I like the name of your Wooper haha
    20. TheSirPeras
      Well technically it was 2 separate exams. We had a multiple choice paper for 1 hour, then a 5 minute break, then a 2 hours 15 minutes paper after that, so it's basically 3 hours 15. I'm done with high school!! Super pumped. I bought uncharted 4 yesterday to celebrate it. If you have a PS4 I highly recommend you buy this, it's soooooo good!

      Yeah same, I just really wasn't expecting them. At least I liked all three of them, while in some other games like gen 3 or gen 4 I didn't like all of them (torchic and piplup are meh to me). Yeah I think I'll decide based on the coolest looking last evolution.
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    United Kingdom
    Ex Secondary School Student
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    16 and sarcastic, enjoys any games pertaining to killing things

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