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  • Yep, we're BAMF battlers, indiscriminate of any battle style or tier, but know how to work each and every one of 'em!
    By the way, I'm going to say I don't like the idea if Wonkymons since I can't find the rules and standards for it anymore.
    OU is pretty discriminated in our clan. I'll give them two years to get their act together. I mean, some of them are middle schoolers. And we're the Millenial Generation (born 1980-2010), so our views can change like that *attempts to snap, no sound. Tries again and makes a sharp noise*.

    We will have to reform ourselves to suit our war teams to be more suited for Guild Wars. Our RU and UU members may only get a win if luck is on their side.
    No, but I've taken 6 years of it total. Unfortunately that was some time ago so I forgot a lot of it.
    I wanna cry right now! 8')
    I wish we changed and improved into an accepting guild, non-discriminate of any kind of gameplay and types of battle. Free speech on good Pokémon and sucky Pokémon though.
    Ohhhh. I see now. My bad. Sorry. Lo siento. Ruby/Sapphire would have been good ones to start out with honestly.
    You said you were gonna play Black, then you said you were gonna play LG, then you said you started R/S, then D/P, then LG.
    Yeah, we should do that, but the guild has a handful of hipsters who like things different. OU IS, in fact, too mainstream. The Normal tourney was quickly acfepted mainly because I presented something different and unconventional, and I didn't even think people would like the idea so fast!
    An OU war team is necessary however, and I highly advise we work on that point as well. I mean, it's time to be real. Sometimes UU and RU are meant to stay that way. If people want good battles with highly offensive or defensive Pokemon, then so be it. It's just the rest of the clan has to get with that program as well.
    I'm only doing these analyses in order to show the guild what would be a good battler, and that's only before we know everything about the Pokémon.
    To answer your question on the Tourney thread, I don't know who's making the future tourney or what it's theme is. If the next tournament is single battle style, then I hope other members can learn how to manage this style.
    Personally, I think we should have a Biome tourney based on picking a certain Minecraft Biome and you have to create a team based on types that matches the theme of that biome.
    Ehhh... HG I have a game that I don't want to stop and Pt I'm kinda waiting for summer for me to play :p Whenever I finish White (which btw won't take too long once my school assignments are over), I will either take on W2 or a different game if you wanna join, but for now I'd rather just play White. Whenever I'm done though I'll join a game with you
    I was riding my bike and this car didnt stop so I had to stop but I didnt break very well, ended up falling on my wrist :p It was the cars fault though

    What do you mean?
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