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  • Ohh sounds interest, do you like it? Can't see myself doing any of those things haha. omg exams... I've had like 15 this year... we have trimesters (3), and like 4-5 classes in each, and each class has a final exam, and multiple of them also had midterms... I have another exam tomorrow (friday)... dreading it.
    Sounds like a keeper ;) xD
    I'll keep that in mind thanks! I'm also going to portugal with 2 friends early june for a week (after another exam........), super excited!

    Ehm... it's quite bland. But it's getting more interesting in my opinion.
    Oh, okay. Good to hear. Now I don't feel so bad now. Me? Nothing much, though been working on some art and finally finished a painting I promised my dad many years ago ^^; But hey, it's finished so that's all that matters. Other than that, not a whole lot I'm afraid.
    What you studying? And you're still in the UK I'm assuming? Dude that's great! Glad everything is going well :) Have fun in NY by the way! Never been there, but really want to go. May go to california in the summer with some friends, though nothing's planned yet (fingers crossed)

    It's been pretty fun. Have some friends from my high school here but also made new friends and overall having a really good time! Just wish the weather would be a bit better, I'm studying business in Rotterdam in The Netherlands.
    What's happening that makes it move in an interesting direction?

    Everything's going quite well. Almost done with my first year in uni! Time flies, but I'm having lots of fun too :)
    Damn I feel like a dick. But hey better late than never am I right (I'm talking about how I didn't answer your message from almost a year ago lol). I actually forgot, didn't do it deliberately.

    What is up my dude?! It's been forever!
    Hey! Sorry that I didn't reply to your VM, I haven't been on Serebii for ages...how's it going?

    But with the rest, yeah I can see your point. Fore me it's just to complete the story and add to my collection. I've completed one pokedex and will not do it again as they added even more Pokemon with S/M... plus the reward isn't that great. I mean a in-game certificate and a star on your trainer card? That's it? No thank you... throw in 10 master balls and a piece of paper sent to me in the mail to prove it to all and maybe I'll do it again. But it's just not worth all the time really. Since 700+ is just so many.
    Don't be, it's alright man. I'm just as late now ^^; I'm sorry to hear that, Flare has told me collage has been rough :( But I'm sorry your dealing with more than just that :(

    Thank you, it's still a little sore. We were really close :( But yeah, at least she had a long life and it was good.

    It is, a few scary ones too, but now it seems I'm dreaming or having a nightmare every night now. Though most I can barely remember, but the theme seems to be the same :/ I've thought about it, but $$$ and just wanting to not talk to a specialist is holding me back ^^; But man, it would be great to at least understand them. But I know it's all stress related. If I had to guess, I think it's me trying to just escape it all and move on or something like that...

    Man it's gotten cold up here, it's been in the 20's for a few days now, but looks like our lows will rise back into some more norms and then drop again. I knew this was going to happen, late winter always comes hitting hard... but yeah, I do truly 2017 is a whole new start and it just better. I mean not getting so rich to rule the world, but to be moderately happy and mildly stressed.

    Not bad, you probably need to try harder to get more A's since I have a clue how those collages are... Just like when Flare went to hers :/ But really not bad man. Keep up the good work :) I bet, they don't warn you about that aspect of collage, it's always. It's a good idea and great investment. But then leave out the stress and $$$ it costs to go to a good one :/

    Well he's one of those you can't get by normal means, so you might want to grab him ^^;

    Sorry for this late-late reply :( Also, yeah. I'm glad too. True, but more bad news, as my cat just passed away early last week. So looks like I'm not going to get a break in the bad stuff. She passed away at 16+ years old. But I like to believe it was peaceful as she was laying in a chair. So I can only hope. This year has just sucked... Also sleep is just so bad, now the nightmares are every night, but their more like stressful than scary. Well most have not been scary... I just wish I could understand them better, but would rather just have good restful sleep. Also I try to do more things with Flare to keep my mind off of stuff. I was enjoying the nice cool weather, but that quickly went away this week... 80's is not October! I want my low 70's to mid 60's back... But October has just started, so maybe it will be back really soon and this is just a temporary heat up.

    So what was your results? Were they good? Also don't forget Volcanion is coming out really soon. I'm not sure how you get him in your area. But for me it looks like Gamestop will be my place to go. I would rather it be Wi-Fi thought, but glad we are getting him regardless.
    Congrats on the girl haha. Is your college full of completely new people or is there anyone that you knew before you went there?

    Thanks, they were good yesterday too. The later one was a bit weird because someone brought a stranger they met in a park as their +1 and he stirred **** up.

    Yeah, I don't think I'll fit into any of the guilds that're open at the moment. Maybe my interest in Pokemon will pick up when Sun and Moon are released but currently I haven't played it (excluding PoGO) since last winter. Did you get into Pokémon GO?
    What's college like?

    They're fun :) I had one last weekend and I've got two tomorrow. Last weekend was good but it was in a part of London that's a good distance from where I live so I stayed overnight at another friend's house. Didn't get any homework done last weekend and only have a small opportunity to do some this weekend, which should be interesting as I've got an extension on an essay which my teacher is expecting from me on Sunday evening.

    Yeah, it's weird. WhyBuffet was asking about improvements that he could make and then everything got kind of aggressive... I can't say I'm devoid of blame, though I definitely didn't desire the outcome of the conversation. Shade and I have been discussing making our own guild but I'm not sure that we're very serious about it.
    That's cool, hopefully you'll get the job. I've been working at a charity bookshop which has been good, though I've made every possible mistake.

    It's good, I've been trying to learn Japanese this summer and I think I've just about got the ball rolling, I'm not sure if I'll be able to juggle it with schoolwork though. I'll be going back tomorrow so I'll see. Other than that I've got a few 16th birthday parties lined up which should be fun (even though I'm pretty awkward in large groups). How're you doing?
    part 2

    Yeah the government made a new exam system that starting in my year with English and Maths. The exams are harder and they're marked in 1-9. Like in English Lit we don't get the texts to reference and stuff. It's kinda hard but I think i'll be okay with Lord of the Flies bc i literally spend half my time spitting up quotes from it i s2g. Helps that it's a really good book anyway.

    Idk what you were saying about sounding lie an ******* but is it about your computer science teacher or the christian girl? i'm so lost.
    My teacher is really lax, i'm not sure if he teaches me the content for the exam. I think we're doing AQA but we use this website made by OCR that has all the theory content on it. IT's quite good but there's just so much.
    We've already got the controlled assessment prompt thing though so me and my friends are trying to arrange a day where we go and code it together. Although most of the marks are on the paperwork it will be easier to write if the code works i guess.

    She has favourites and she makes it blatantly obvious. I'm not a favourite, and i'm also not afraid to backtalk teachers so she gave me detention and she yelled at me whoops. It was over some trivial stuff though, like i had to take some papers to the office for her but she wouldn't let me go until form time ended but I argued that if i went then I would be late for my lesson bc it was on the other side of the school from the office but she wouldn't let me so i didn't take the papers i just went to my lesson.
    Mr. Mime is awful. I never leave Europe so i'm never going to get any of the others. When I was in France, there was no pokestop for miles. Although, we did go to a nearby city on day and the restaurant we at at had a lure and there were lots of eevees there. I finally evolved one into a Jolteon. According to Candela it's quite good. I hatched a sandshrew when I was in France so i'm happy about that!

    I've never heard of creative writing as an A-level. Sounds interesting, although it's not something i would take because I can't write / make up stories for ****.
    Working more is something i need to do. I need to be lass lazy and have less (time consuming) hobbies, otherwise i'll never get any work done.
    My english teacher is a really good teacher. Honestly last year I was awful at English and i've improved so much and now I actually like english. I like reading anyway but now I can actually analyse what i'm reading (which can be annoying when i'm trying to enjoy a book but oh well at least it's good for the exam). Apparently she is really passive aggressive with eh front row though. They were talking when she was and she just turned to them and said "Did I ask for your opinion? No." Thats what my friend on the front row told me anyway.

    My results still haven't been delivered in the mail yet. Yesterday was a bank holiday and before that was Sunday though so hopefully they'll arrive today or tomorrow. I'm not nervous but I will be when I hold that envelope rip me. How did you do in your exams?
    Yep, your results are definitely solid - I hope I do as well next year as you did.

    How was your job at the library?
    Great, well done! Are they what you were expecting?

    I'm a year below you haha I'll have the joy of getting my results in a year's time.
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