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  • Hey! Sorry that I haven't VMed in so long. It's GCSE results day so I was wondering how you did. Did you get the marks you were hoping for?
    Sorry I haven't responded for a while, school just started up and I'm busy as hell.

    My best overall is still my Vaporeon, now at 1370 and maxed, followed by an 824 Pidgeot and a 767 Golduck. I really don't have too much time to play anymore which really blows. I have some friends who have some 2000+ Pokemon, and are well over level 20 and I'm just sitting at 16. The gyms around me aren't too strong, at least as of two weeks ago. My rarest one is still my Porygon.

    I love using magic in Elder Scrolls games, I used pretty much the same idea when I played the Elder Scrolls Online Beta, but I ended up not really liking it so I never bought the game. I'll probably see what the next game is like and change the character a little to match that, but who knows. It worked really well with Skyrim because of the whole Altmer situation. Oh, by the way, the dark mage's name was Thalmorius, and I was very proud of coming up with that 3 or 4 years ago.

    I think one time I played a class based multiplayer shooter and I picked the tankish class and had a lot of fun. But hey, to each his own right?

    I hope so, but I haven't even touched my 3DS in two weeks.

    Yeah, traveling is definitely one of my favorite things to do. It's one of the reasons I work so much, so I can have money to pay for that haha
    Hey, sorry I've been gone for so long ^^; Also thank you, I'm still dealing with it a little and not sure how to take it still as the last few years were rough between us. So there's that, but with my Step-Dad now, he's lost at least 30lbs I think and doing a lot better. His chest still hurts from time to time, but it's getting better as his bones and everything heal. So maybe a few more months and he won't have to deal with the shifting and such anymore. Also with those two things, yeah I am, but the other stuff I'm dealing with... Urrgh, I just don't know. I haven't had any good sleep for weeks now, almost a nightmare every time I sleep or cat-nap, it's just annoying...

    Well I hope your doing better since we last talked ^^; Also Flare is doing alright and has been busy with Pokemon GO! with her new phone. It's so nice looking and she can have apps now so she's really happy about that.
    The only Eeveelution I don't have is Jolteon, because the last time I got to 25 candy it was a 440 ish Eevee that I decided to make a Vaporeon, and now it's maxed out at 1293, and is by far my strongest Pokemon. I just need like 2 more Staryu and about a hundred more dratini to get those evolutions. The best place for stops around me is a place in my downtown suburbia with three stops right on top of each other.

    As much as I liked my first character (got to level 78, pretty much was involved in everything), not being specialized in anything kinda detracted from the experience, but I didn't know that until I did my first real RP character. My next character worth mentioning is definitely my favorite, a level 40 Nord warrior through and through. I did sword and shield, and only maxed out physical attributes. I didn't even touch magic or the CoW quests. So that was a lot of fun. My last good character was an Altmer dark Mage, and I did the Vampire quests with him, the CoW, and I put a lot of points into whatever tree necromancy was in. So that one was a lot of fun and I'll probably do a similar character in TES 6 to start out.

    Yeah, I don't really have a problem with tanking but I much prefer to focus on DPS. Not that it really matters since I don't play many games with that type of setup, but whatever. Go for the rerolled man, you'll probably like the game more after you do.

    I'm only in box 5, so I still have space, but I'm already afraid I'll run out.

    Well I guess I'll have to be like your friends because I have some German ancestors. Most of my family is Irish, though. My stepbrother is studying in London this year, so I guess I'll find out how it is and whether I'd like it at some point this year.
    part 2..

    I could get someone to pick up my results, but if I can get them mailed to me I'd rather do that. My whole Japanese class is going out together to go to Japanese restaurant in London after they get their results, with my teacher as it's her birthday. I'm more disappointed about missing that tbh.

    Ah, I wish my school didn't put a lot of pressure on us. Whenever teachers give us tips for exams they usually say stuff like "this is to make sure you get the A*s that are expected of you" or something like that. What is confusing me is the 1-9 grades for English and Maths, I'm still trying to figure out if an 8 is good enough...

    Sounds like your very good at computer science, even if you hated it. I wouldn't say i'm good, but compared to others in my class I probably am. Honestly, the range in our class is so large, It goes from like 98% to 25% on the end of year exam...

    I don't really like my tutor either though so it's fine.
    She's okay sometimes, but she does get on my nerves a lot.
    Wow, that park sounds really good. I went to my nearby park but there was nothing. There's another park about a 5 minute train journey away from me which is very good. Lots of eevee, and last time I was there I heard there was a snorlax, but I missed it. I borrow my dad's portable charger, since I don't have my own. I saw a sign outside my local ryman's saying something like "don't let your battery life ruin your chances of becoming a pokemon master! portable chargers in store now", it was quite amusing.
    I went out to play pokemon GO with one of my friends who has GO, even though she doesn't play pokemon. I caught some more Staryu and evolved one, to make my first pokemon that broke 1000CP, nice. Then we went round and claimed 3 gyms in her town, one of which had a Tauros on, so someone has been to America lol.

    Latin is actually quite popular at my school. A lot of people took it. Maybe 4 in my form alone?
    My school is quite good for languages tbh, and we have a lot of good language teachers (just my luck getting a bad one for french then...). My school offers French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and Latin for GCSEs.

    An hour to school is quite long, but it could be worse. If you really want to go to the college then I guess it's worth it. Currently it takes me 40mins door to door to get to school. Although I could probably leave my house 1 min later...
    We do 5 lessons a day currently. I think it's good that you get to go home in Sixth Form, as even though having study at school is useful, I usually get distracted as end up talking or doing some crazy ****. The teacher who takes me for study really likes me, so he just lets me do whatever. Heck, he even commentated a competition me and another girl did, where we were throwing our rubbish into the bin from across the room.
    (message too long again, heres part 2)

    Oh god, he sounds awful. It's not good when teachers never mark your work, it's always nice to have feedback.
    The teacher at my school calls everyone really weird names, based on people's actual names (eg. Madster and Limbro). He came into our form once and he referred to our form tutor, in front of her, as Mrs MG (her initials). She looked very offended so he tried to defend himself by saying that the MG is a classic, which set off everyone laughing and my form tutor asking him if he was trying to say she was old. HE THEN went on trying to defend that, by claiming that some people thought the MG had a great body. Honestly, He should have just left, but he didn't, so I told him maybe he should leave before he further embarrassed himself. Then he left. He just needs to shut his mouth tbh.
    I was also questioning the safety of having electric types but the sea. I wish my 2k eggs would hatch to something good, but I've only got Caterpies so far. Nidoran female isn't uncommon where I live, there are also a few Nidorina dotted around. Paras are also quite common. I haven't seen a Pikachu, but I heard you could find them at Downing Street, so if i'm nearby ever I might go and have a look. I managed to hatch an Electabuzz from a 10k egg, which was quite cool, I also caught one at a shopping centre near my house. The shopping centre is actually quite good for pokemon, as there's always lures. I also caught a Hitmonlee there and saw an Arcane lurking on the radar.
    I'm annoyed that with the new PoGO update the scrapped the battery saver, great. Now I'll probably have to buy a new portable charger to keep my phone alive for longer. Also, getting rid of the footprints was a bad idea, although the radar was completely broken.

    Hahaha yeah, at other schools they always have really strange, somewhat specialist courses, such as business studies idk. At my school we only have the usual subjects like maths and english.

    Oh yes, of course in sixth form you can just come and go and you please. That's really good as you get more time for homework (and more importantly sleeping).
    How many lessons do you have a day?

    I did my Japanese GCSE this year, so I get the results around the same data as you. Not sure which date though, all I know is i'm away so they'll have to mail it to me or something. I honestly hope I got an A*, Japanese is super easy but the Aural is so difficult and I'm not sure I did too well. Hopefully if I get A* in the reading, writing and listening then it will balance out.
    Same with me next year. It's almost given that i'll pass, but it's a question of how well I do that. Unfortunately if you get anything short of an A* at my school you're basically considered a failure, which makes my quite nervous about Art and History, as i'm a B for both...
    Apparently the park changed from a charmander spawn into a Magikarp spawn, because I caught 17 today in about an hour and a half. Also caught a Dratini, Onix, Golduck, and a bunch of slowpoke, so overall good day for me. I finally hit level 16, which is nice, and I found a road that has about 20 stops on it, so just walking from one end to another and back got me all the balls I need. I found a pretty good pidgey today, so I evolved it and the pidgeotto is almost as good as my pidgeot, so I'm back to grinding for pidgey candy. Congrats on the voltorb and whatnot, I've only got one electric type and that's my Pikachu.

    Yeah, I rerolled a lot as well, and I have a bunch of characters between level 2 and 10 that I didn't mention. Did you have any particularly memorable characters? I never got into WoW, but I'm not the biggest fan of MMOs, so that's probably why. Also it's expensive so it's good for my wallet I never played it.

    I'll have to figure out Pokebank, but I'll have to make sure I have enough space in my Alpha Sapphire. I think my biggest disappointment win the game is that I only have 7 boxes, which I guess should tell you how much I loved it.

    Canada's a cool place (heh, because it's cold), I went once for 30 minutes about 8 years ago and it was pretty alright. Yeah, I plan on studying abroad in college, either in England or Germany, so maybe I'll end up wanting to live there, and then I'd have to deal with the visa process. That'd be a really fun experience for sure.
    I'm going out to a park later today with a friend, hopefully gonna pick up a bunch of Pokeballs beforehand because I'm down to 25ish Great Balls and no Pokeballs. I have to stop wasting them on pidgeys and rattatas now that I have a solid Pidgeot and Raticate.

    I never played Oblivion, Skyrim was really my first RPG I ever played. I played that game so much, I ended up with a max level character (jack of all trades), a level 50ish sword and shield user, and a level 30ish dark mage, who was my favorite, I think. Definitely go for The Witcher. I see a lot of comparisons between it and Skyrim but really they're so different you can't do that, other than the story in The Witcher being a lot darker.

    I did the exact same thing when one of my Pokemon were poisoned! It was such a relief for me when that feature got taken out in whatever gen it was. I used a Ralts once in a Sapphire playthrough, and I probably still have it in my HeartGold, which was the game I sent all my Pokemon to across Gens 3 and 4. Is there a way to go from Gen 4 to 6? I'd like to have some of those again...

    It really is fantastic. I love it there so much, and that's the city I want to live in when I'm older. I got lucky this year, I had no summer projects. So I got to be lazy the entire summer.

    Yeah, I'm really not sure what to thbink about the new gym type thing. Like I don't want to pass judgement on it until I've played it, but also I liked gyms. I guess I'll find out in November.
    I was talking to Spacial a bit about what pokemon you find where and we concluded that you find lots of electric types near the sea. I though the pokemon in Brighton were a lot better than those in London. Although one of the best places to go in London is the Tower of London. I saw a charmander on my radar, and a hitmonlee and Spacial caught a cubone. I didn't :'(
    I could probably power up my Hypno but i'm not a huge fan of Hypno so...

    I haven't heard of any schools without sixth forms, and I haven't heard of any separate sixth form colleges. Weird...
    Still not sure which subjects i'll be taking, but I guess those are along the lines..
    Oh yes, southern rail is such a mess. Fortunately I take SouthEastern to school, which generally have a good service. However, southern axed some of my friends' second train home, so now they have to walk for half an hour instead. Or get the bus but buses are so unreliable.

    I don't think that getting a few dates wrong is too bad, as long as they're close. As long as you answered the rest okay i'm sure you'll do great.

    Oh yes, you're getting your GCSE results soon. Good luck with them, I hope you do well.

    The head of computer science at my school is a pervert too. Which is great, for him, as it's a girl's school. Fortunately I don't have him, but he is my head of year...
    I honestly hate teachers like him.

    In spanish the names aren't different. French was one of the original languages the games were released in, but spanish isn't so when they made it spanish they just used the english names. But I think it's a good idea. It's fun and (somewhat) educational.
    Plus I managed to get my parents to pay for it in the name of revision.
    The park I went to yesterday apparently had a dragonite like 5 minutes before we got there. You see, it's a very well known Pokemon Go place so everyone there is playing. We got there and for the first 15ish minutes everyone was asking us if we saw the dragonite or caught it. Unfortunately, we were a little late. I'm back in the pidgey grind as well. And by grind I mean I'm grinding all of them into candies.

    I absolutely love RPGs, as long as they aren't FPS's as well. I think that's the reason I didn't like Fallout 4 as much as Elder Scrolls games, but idk. I played the Witcher 3 about a year ago and I think that might be my favorite game of all time now. It's so deep and huge that you can completely immerse yourself into the world. I absolutely loved it.

    My first time playing Pokemon was Sapphire, and I was very, very young at the time. I picked Torchic because red was my favorite color, and I guess I didn't know you could switch Pokemon? Because by the time I stopped playing that first run I had a level 100 Blaziken and nothing else of note. My first time playing emerald I picked Treecko, and I guess I didn't like it too much so I picked a Trapinch to be my "starter" and nicknamed my sceptile "Stupid" and boxed it away. I have no idea why I did any of that, in particular why I picked Trapinch because I didn't know it evolved into Flygon at the time. Now Flygon is one of my all time favorite Pokemon.

    Not too recent, but about a month ago I went to Seattle, Washington to visit said friends that live on the other side of the country. Basically how that happened is that I had a really good friend in school whose dad got a job out there and had to move away, but we kept in contact over Xbox Live and through that I met all the friends he made over there. So now me and a few friends go out there every year to hang out, see the sights, etc. It was a lot of fun. What about you?

    I'm really liking the Alola forms, and I'm intrigued by the new "gym" format.
    Yeah, there's nothing but pidgeys and rattatas near my house, so I have to actually go out places to find anything at all. I ran out of pokeballs yesterday thanks to a Clefairy from hell at CP 407. I swear I used 15 balls on it and it just kept running away. Then 5 minutes later a CP 413 showed up and I caught it in 2 balls, so that was nice.

    Me too, but once I had a reliable group of people to hang out with I was set. I also have a group of friends that live on the other side of the country, so I usually play video games with them because my nearby friends don't really play games much. Yep, and I'll be able to know who those friends are in a few years. Until then, I'm just not going to worry about it.

    Mightyena was alright. Nothing special, but I just wanted to use it since I never have. Walrein was great, very tanky and pretty low on attack/sp attack but the could take a bunch of hits before going down. All in all, I'd say use a Walrein as opposed to a Mightyena. Really the only ones I wanted were Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi because I love Hoenn and Johto, and Mew is Mew, so it's kinda special.
    (my message was too long to send all at once so this is part 2)

    That's a really good way of putting it, choosing the subjects where you always want to go to the lesson. Everyone else just says choose what you like but I either like everything or nothing when I think about it.
    Lets see... English Literature maybe? I have English 4 days a week and honestly the day when I don't have it I hate, i'm always so ready for English. My english teach also strongly recommended that I took it so that probably good.
    Then maybe computer science. Programming is always a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but I generally look forward to my lessons. Also my teacher is the best teacher / person.
    As for my other two choices (I think I have to pick four), I could do physics and maths since I like them both. Physics is my favourite science, and I don't hate maths as much as other subjects (like art and french).
    I'd also like to do japanese, but my preferred sixth form doesn't offer it and it isn't too hard to teach myself / find a tutor to teach me outside of school.

    Pokemon Yellow in french is... interesting. I'm playing LeafGreen at the same time, so I know what i'm supposed to be doing if i don't understand. Understanding the dialogue is a bit hit and miss though. I either understand most of it, or it goes completely over my head.
    When I do understand however, it can be hilarious. As they say different things, and if you translate the meaning word for word it get funnier. Also, everything has an exclamation mark which just makes it more entertaining.
    Downside is the pokemon names are different, so if someone is talking about a pokemon I haven't seen before, then i don't know which pokemon they're telling me about.
    I'm level 18 and my strongest is a 902 Hypno. There are so many drowse and hypo around here...
    I have enough candy yo evolve some pokemon, but like you i'm waiting to catch some with higher CPs. I haven't gone away since I got GO, but I think i'd like to, to see which pokemon are common in other places.
    Actually, I went to brighton and it was a lot better. There were a lot of Voltorb and Magnemite and meowth, as well as a few ponyta and clefairy.

    I want to change schools for sixth form, but that means I have to get into a new school, which is difficult. I wouldn't mind staying at my school, but there are just too many bad teachers to risk it.

    What exam board did you do for history? I'm doing OCR. We had a textbook that's about as thick as a door which is actually really good, but our teacher doesn't use it.
    I like learning about the stuff in history, it's very interesting, i'm just awful at the style of questions the exam. Idk, to get high marks you always need to know the most random stuff...

    As for being a ski instructor, I like skiing. Also my school has this fair every year to advertise options for gap year opportunities. I went last year as it was during lunch and there were quite a few stands advertising ski instructor courses. As I like skiing it sort of caught my attention as something I could do.
    I went with a friend to a charmander/eevee spawn nest park today, and I caught 5 charmanders, so here's hoping for a few more to evolve one. I did get a 470ish eevee and I evolved it into a Vaporeon, and now that's by far my best one at CP 1214. Got a bunch of nidorans of both genders as well, so hopefully I have a nidoking/queen in my future.

    Absolutely. On one hand I love having friends who do the same stuff because we can all help each other, and on the other hand I like friends with different interests for variety. Or maybe I just like friends in general? That would make sense, I suppose. I'll most definitely try to keep up with my old friends throughout college, but that's a year away and who knows how this year will play out.

    It was Blaziken, Kadabra, Manectric, Walrein, Mightyena, and Skarmory. Other than Blaziken, they're all Pokemon I've never used before so that was fun. I don't have my game on me right now or I'd be going into items and movesets and whatnot, but whatever. About Hoenn event only Pokemon, I am really sad I missed out on most of the 20th anniversary events. I'm going out to get an Arceus tomorrow, and I got last months Shaymin, but I'm just sad I didn't get Jirachi or Mew or Celebi. Oh well, I'm sure there'll be more events for Sun/Moon.
    Yeah, I've gotten like 2 or 3 Bulbasaurs + my starter, 2 Squirtles and no Charmanders. The only good thing I've gotten from an egg is a Porygon, everything else has been stuff that's easily catchable, which is disappointing.

    Yeah, definitely agree on different tastes. For example I despise English and literature classes, but most of my friends love them, which I can't understand. But then again, they don't really understand when I talk about how much I like math and science. I'm just really looking forward to getting past basic knowledge of the subjects I'm interested in.

    Yeah, I bet most of my groups will last about another year, then we'll all go our separate ways. I'm sure we'll hang out occasionally, but nothing like before.

    I just finished Alpha Sapphire this morning, which is cool. I'm glad Deoxys is no longer event only because he was always one of my favorite legendaries but I never had one. Actually, I take that back, i had a friend with an Acfion Replay that gave me one but I didn't like that it was cheated in so I released it. I almost said transfer instead of release haha
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