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  • Nice, cold elements <3 Dark, Ice, and, Waterrr.....

    Oh and I also hada Vaporeon I forgot. Didn't train it yet, though xD;
    I have a Jolteon, an Espeon, an Umbreon, and, a Leafeon on my white XD;

    Only one I seem to know how to use is Jolteon, though.

    Well....I dunno if I finished eving/used espeon yet, though o.o;

    I'm already kinda attached to my psychic type i've been already using for awile, though (Gothitelle).
    Mienshao is awesome. I should use one sometime :3

    Also; Cottenee and Whimsicott...awww~~^^

    And Ferothorn >D

    All the unova mons are cool, really.

    The starters are absolutely ADORABLE <3 All 3 of them. Picking just one in b2/w2 will be hard.....:(
    Se Wa wa=What Sewaddle say's in the anime <3

    Its SOOOO cute. One of the cutest pokemon Ash EVER CAUGHT! Well, besides pikachu, of course :D

    I think Sewaddle, Pikachu, and, Phanpy are some of Ash's cutest pokemon ever^^
    Yeah, May was pretty cool. I like Iris best, though. :D Iris is incredable XD

    i figured you liked sinnoh best too must be the glaceon avatar...lol.

    Ahh, I think the unova mons are cool *nodnod* Espesally the Hydreigon line~~I think those 3 are really clever^^

    And Snivy's cool too^^ And Sewaddle Se Wawa and Axew^^
    Well, an administrator is basically a Co-leader, but has less jobs. A Co-leader is a major part of the clan and can't run without one, so admins are there too help out and if we are in need of a Co-leader, then we will vote on who is being the best admin.
    Infernape is cool :) You 2 seem to like the Sinnoh games and pokemon a lot, huh^^

    My favorite regions are Johto and UNOVA^^ I love those 2^^

    And the anime? UNOVA <3
    Its great to have you back =). So, you will be an administrator. But, once we get enough members, we may need you or bug pro.
    Wanna see a funny short fict i found about siiiilver? XD;

    What's your boyfriend's favorite pokemon?

    And it could be fun to battle your diamond game with my soul silver sometime =)
    Dunno...i'm trying to feel stronger now and training up a new Hydreigon^^ I love Hydreigons^^

    Aww, your fine :). I actually poofed away myself for sometime. And yes, Clan Darkwoods will be returning somewhere in late December or early January. It's a long time away, but it will work. You can be an administrator with Bug Pro =)
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