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Dec 24, 2019
Aug 20, 2015
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Work Hard, Play Hard, from Space

Cdu: https://pokepast.es/ba5a987c227509e1 Sep 17, 2019

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Dec 24, 2019
    1. Snoo
    2. Snoo
    3. Snoo
    4. Snoo
    5. Snoo
      Just out of curiosity, why does Heatran run 252 HP instead of 248? Is it better longevity? :]
      RedzoneX: it's probably an irrelevant point in heatran's case; the actual rule is that you want your hp to not be divisible by how many times you can switch into stealth rock (in heatran's case, 8)
    6. Snoo
      +Tony: i keep it simple
      +Tony: i start by looking at the team and figuring out what the mon in question has to be able to do
      +Tony: reliable check this, take a maximum amount from that, etc.
      +Tony: then i start messing with the damage calc
      +Tony: until i'm happy with what the spread achieves
      +Tony: and that's it really
      +Tony: so in a sentence, i decide on what i feel is important the mon can do, then EV accordingly
      +Tony: another i like to do btw
      +Tony: which might help you
      +Tony: is when i think of a cool set i wanna use, but i can't figure out the team
      +Tony: is keeping the set in the builder, but removing the other 5
      +Tony: so i can take a second shot at it later
      +Tony: instead of abandoning the idea
      SnakesNSerpents: When you say Cool set. you mean like a lure right?
      +Tony: could be yeah
      +Tony: or something that's just solid
      +Tony: or innovative
      +Tony: something you think is worth using, basically
    7. Snoo
      Bree Floo: I want to know when you go about Teambuilding, How do you go about sets, like movesets and EVs?
      @pokeaim: depends on
      @pokeaim: what fits the team
      @pokeaim: what i want to use
      @pokeaim: and what i want the mons to do
      @pokeaim: the damage calc helps w/ evs
      @pokeaim: if i won x mon to live +1 atk from y mon
      @pokeaim: etc
    8. Snoo
      if it's 2x weak to rocks it needs to not be divisible by 4 , or if 4x by 2 to reduce rocks damage
    9. Psynergy
      That depends a lot on the format and Pokemon. Usually a team wants to be sure it has win conditions and should be able to support itself to achieve that. EV spreads vary a lot, but maxing out two stats is usually a safe way to start unless you know you need the Pokemon to survive a specific move.
    10. Snoo
      x0.25 Effective 1/32 of Max HP (3.125%)
      x0.5 Effective 1/16 of Max HP (6.25%)
      x1 Effective 1/8 of Max HP (12.5%)
      x2 Effective 1/4 of Max HP (25%)
      x4 Effective 1/2 of Max HP (50%)

      Pokémon with 12.5% HP will faint to SR damage, where as Pokémon with 12.6% HP or above will live.

      To check, take the Pokémon's HP and divide it by 8. After that, remove the decimal.

      1/8 = 12.5%
    11. Snoo
      I ask this question earlier to no response. I was told that Everything in Pokémon rounds down. What does that mean? Can Someone give me an example.
      +explodingdaisies: damage get's rounded down
      dogクknees: if you hit a decimal point with a stat, it rounds down
      dogクknees: same as damage ^
      Smile4me: If you have 333 speed and it is halved by paralysis it goes down to 166 instead of going up to 167
      dogクknees: a lot of scarf mons hit .5
      %RedzoneX: for example if a pokemon with 299 speed has +1 speed
      dogクknees: so it just goes down
      %RedzoneX: it will have 448.5
      %RedzoneX: which rounds down to 448
      So let's try Attack. Unvested Buzzwole is 345. At plus one it will be 517.5. So actually it will be 517
      %RedzoneX: right
      %RedzoneX: the same principle applies for every stat and damage calculation in pokemon
    12. Snoo
      Does LO mons run odd HP numbers? If so why is that. :]

      @quziel くコ彡: hp loss is rounded down
      +Yellow Paint: lo mons try to run
      @quziel くコ彡: so you want your total hp to be XX9, which brings down your hp loss per LO to a minimum
      +Yellow Paint: hps that end in 9
      +Yellow Paint: yh
      @quziel くコ彡: though its not worth investing more than like 4 evs into
      @quziel くコ彡: as its not a major deal, and rocks existy
      +Yellow Paint: odd hp on 4x sr weak mons like charizard
      +Yellow Paint: and even hp on belly drum sitrus mons
      @quziel くコ彡: or if you can get it by sacking a few IVs
      +Yellow Paint: is very important though
      +Yellow Paint: life orb numbers aren't terribly important
      @quziel くコ彡: ex. latios would run like 29 hp ivs to get 299 hp, rather than running full, as it meant you had 29 hp from LO recoil rather than 30, though again, not a huge deal
      @quziel くコ彡: or something like that
    13. Canto
      I don't have a whole lot of PS3 games, but some of the good ones I have are the Mass Effect Trilogy, the first two Dragon Age games, Dark Souls, Skyrim, and the Shadow of the Colossus Collection.
    14. Psynergy
      Depends on the format really, I'm mostly doing Battle Spot and VGC stuff lately.
    15. Canto
      PS4, PS3, Vita, Wii U, and 3DS (obviously). Haven't used my Wii U in forever though, kinda sad.

      I can't think of any in particular at the moment, I'll have to find some that look cool and get back to you on that.
    16. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Oh, hey! Been some time .-.
    17. Canto
      Yeah, the music nowadays is good too, but there's just something about that Gen 2/Gen 3 music. Probably nostalgia, haha.

      I got The Last Guardian, Bioshock Collection, Final Fantasy XV, and a couple of Vita games. So far I've only finished the Last Guardian and one of the Vita games.

      That would be awesome. :)
    18. Canto
      Oh yeah, I basically didn't put it down until Christmas. This is probably my favorite Pokémon game since HeartGold. Had to take a break to play some of the new games I got, but I plan on going back at some point to breed some Pokémon for the Battle Tree.
    19. Canto
      I'm good, nothing in particular to complain about at least, haha. How have you been?
    20. Canto
      Looks solid. Took me a second to figure out what Golisopod and Salazzle were, because I've been avoiding the most recent leaks like the plague. I checked out the Pokémon and stats and stuff, then bolted before I caught any story spoilers. XD
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