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  • Yeah, one day Ash'll become a Pokemon master and mark the end of his journey, I'll cry hard on that day... So after that do u think it's the end of the Pokemon anime or do you think they'll continue it with a new character?
    They aren't gonna kick him out and I don't want them to, unless he complete his dream I dun want him 2b out of the show, I wish the writers just let Ash win a leauge, 1 is fine, agree?
    Yeah me too, sad, the writers never let Ash win the main league, I don't understand them at all, how is Ash gonna be a Pokemon master if he just keep loosing?
    Now that you mention it, I don't know why not much people support that ship rather they support MistyxGary or TraceyxMisty , probably becoz of Brock, if Brock ain't the type who chase after women skirt, that ship might have a chance.
    yeah I think Ash and May work gr8 2gether too especially in that double battle ep, I still like advanceshipping, trust me I do, you don't know how much I hyped up when May returned, I was really hoping for some hints. Still I like Pearlshipping the most, I love Ash and Dawn friendship :3 it was just so cute~, those 2 really alike and they have a whole op song dedicated to their friendship. Have u ever support Pokeshipping back in the old days?
    I know she will leave after they confirmed that character chart is real... Well, atleast she'll reappear during BW, her reason for returning probally the same as May since she's also a coordinator or maybe Ash sent her some unknown shampoo and it destroyed her hair, random person gave her a new nickname then she came to Isshu for revenge...
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