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  • Hey, no matter. Thanks anyway for bringing me back up on the Review Game. That was awesome and you didn't even have to.

    I know what it's like to open tabs and never get to them. There are a bunch of stories on here I had tabs open for and they took me forever to get to. It happens. Even now that I'm laid off, with job-hunting and jogging and writing, I still don't have as much time to just read fics as I'd like.

    Anyway, Brothers' Bond isn't going anywhere, so whenever you're ready, it'll be there. :) Thanks again
    Hey, cool to see you back around these parts! Not sure how long you intend to hang around for, but just wanted to throw out a hi.

    And also clarify that Ledian_X deleted his Starbolts story here before he left, among other things. :p
    Possibly. Ah, I remember when her name was "Scrap". It threw me off when she changed her name XD. Ah, must've been someone else back in the day.

    You're welcome ^^.
    I think I remember seeing you around years ago, I don't recall anyone else with the Unown F avatar (and your name is also very familiar). I could be wrong though, since I do remember seeing someone who had the avatar with the usertitle "uck you", though I'm not sure if that was you.

    Either way, looking at your friends, you befriended Burnt Flower and Kiyohime, two brilliant horror writers I sadly don't see around anymore, so I do believe I've seen you before in their threads. Well, welcome back ^^. You did indeed choose a great horror story to return to, Mem is a great writer.
    Yeah. When I get the email back from Nintendo about how to fix my WiFi I'll tell you. It should be soon because I've been going back and forth awhile. ;)
    Oh okay, that's fantastic. ^^ I should be on AIM anytime after 9PM [around 10PM most likely] so we can trade then. ^^ Thanks so much!
    Yeah. Sorry 'bout that. My Wi-Fi connection for some reason wasn't working. Hopefully I can get it to work today. I have something to go to until 5:00 so we'll try again then.
    Alright. You'll have to tell me how to do this. It's my first time. :p

    So I get the Pokemon, go downstairs in any Pokemon center, and wait?
    Okay. That's fine with me. If we do the trading tmrw, the earliest I can do it is 5:00pm. After school I have something to go to right after it.
    Yeah, that's fine. Thank you. :D

    Do you care about the nicknames? Some of the nicknames are kinda... odd. (well, just Heatran)
    Awesome. I haven't ever traded like this before so I'll need you to tell me how to do it. :p

    I have the Palkia in my game, but the others I'll need to trade from my brothers. It might take 5-10 minutes. (I caught them, traded to his and started over. I'm not stealing.) ^^
    You said you had any of the non-D/P starters? I'm willing to trade you for some. :)

    I'm pretty much just interested in all the starters from the first 2 regions (have all the other ones). :p

    I'm willing to trade Legendaries any of the Legendaries from D/P ('cept Shaymin, Darkrai, & Arceus). I don't have them yet. :| If you're interested that'd be great!
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