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  • Yep! This 'lil cute new starter!

    Small snippets of scenes, or in Pokémon 4Ever's case, they paid to have scenes animated to be added in.

    I'm not entirely sure what the mindset was with 4KIDS over this, but the movies tended to get edited. You know, typical 4KIDS stuff.
    Thats noble. I have meet the right person for me, but she doesnt want to date till she finishes school, same with me.

    Funny thing is I think 4KIDS didn't like Tracey either, if the movie edits are anything to go by.
    I'm not a fan of Tracey either, but he's honestly not bad of a character. It's just painfully obvious he was made to be a replacement, even though they did try to make him his own individual. He's been at Oak's Ranch since Ash went to Johto.
    I cannot say for sure since I haven't watched the anime since the voice actors changed (I'm slowly getting back into it, though). The in-joke/frustration amongst the fandom (from what I've gathered) is that Ash is one: still ten years old, and two: constantly struggles against newbies each time he enters a new region (because Pikachu resets). He's had no character development in years, he's stayed the same since Hoenn/DP. Not sure if SteelRush is fond of Ash or not, but I don't think he likes Ash too much.

    Probably. If he indeed got into an argument with a mod, he was rather raw about it. He didn't go into details, so I didn't ask.

    Yeah, that's another thing. I brought it up to him before, so I'm keeping an eye out for his future stories to see if he'll improve on that. Honestly, though, it doesn't help I'm not a Sonic fan. I know of the universe, but the particular character he chose is from the Archie Comics universe, and I didn't know about her. So since I don't know her as a character, I can't judge if she's in character or not. Even then, she's not well-written right now.
    I knew you were talking about them. Don't ever say anything bad about ShinyGirl without having proof that she was in the wrong ( and in that episode with Steelrush, she was FAR FROM wrong )...
    PETA makes all Pokemon villain teams look like good guys.

    Ahhh, I have the best idea for a ROM hack now.
    He's indefinitely banned because he got into a bit of a disagreement with a mod, and the mod gave him the ban hammer. He might come back, but for now, he's hanging out on FanFiction.net as Emperor Serperior. (You probably knew his name there anyway.)

    I'm keeping an eye on his fic(s), since I like helping people improve their writing.
    Well unlike stupid people, I make sure the person is who she claims to be first. And if you're talking about Steelrush and ShinyGirl, it wasn't ShinyGirl's ( who happens to be my ex girlfriend as well ) fault, so don't blame her. It's Steelrush's fault for not asking her her age in the first f*cking place.
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