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  • Your welcome and the pokemon is Arceus who is my most favorite Pokémon and an underrated pokemon considering that I almost never meet an actual Arceus fan. Also, Arceus is a main character in my fanfics. Also, I am a Christian too so if you have any questions about Christianity that has nothing to do with politics and current issues? I never pay attention to Politics and so really I just enjoy life as a follower of Jesus and not dwell on controversial subjects. I also implement my faith in many things I enjoy from books to video games to anime and western cartoons. I also live in Georgia in the southeastern US so I have many friendly Christian friends as well as those of other faiths.
    I am crazy, but not as much as Earl (Borderlands 2). Hell I just try tomake myself laugh, and others if I can.
    OHHHH I know who you're talking about, now. SteelRush, right? He's the one whom you said got banned, yes?

    Okay, yeah, I know who he is.
    I haven't watched the episode, but I can only imagine... Frankly, PETA deserves everything coming their way.
    So he has a Snivy for an icon, and says "maybe" a lot? Not sure if I've seen him. And I assume you mean that the member's actual name is Levi, because there are some members with the name in their username, not I didn't see a Snivy.
    My girlfriend ( who is a member on here ) is really chill, she won't get mad about stuff like that. On the contrary, she'd probably like it ^_^
    I don't know of any Levi that I'm aware of. I'll do a search through the member list, but I most likely have not seen him.
    Well, that's the banned guy I found through Brick House's friend contact list.

    Trust me, though, even if it wasn't him, what he did was harmless. It was for a good laugh. There were members that... did stuff in the past. Luckily, things have been quiet around here since then.
    Well, he was a bit too crazy. Didn't help he started spamming his craziness all in one day in various places. The mods went easy on him, honestly, but it's probably because he wasn't personally attacking anyone or anything. I've seen things happen that were pretty extreme.
    I just don't remember liking it. It was also viewed as "evil" in my neighborhood to like both Pokemon and Digimon. It had to be one or the other.
    Oh, I know about the guy who got banned, lol. Miscellaneous is infamous because people come in to post weird, weird stuff on that section, and they tend to either be trolls or attention whores of sorts. It's mellowed down the past couple of years, so it was a bit refreshing to see something XD. I actually thought it was a case of Serebiicide for a moment.
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