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Recent content by snowwhiteminx

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    Wanna Trade?

    Pi. A rainbow?
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    Wanna Trade?

    Apple. Doom 64?
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    Post a lie about the above poster!!!

    Is the companion cube.
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    Ugliest 1st Generation Pokemon

    Mewtwo from R/B and Mew from G. That didn't stop them from being my fav pokes though.
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    Love it or Hate it!?

    Love it! Drama ensues... Final Fantasy VII?
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    Have you ever bought a 3rd gen game that was fake?

    Yup, used to have a fake Firered cartridge. I knew it was a fake at the moment I bought it - at a market in Turkey - but i didn't really care cause I was bored and didn't have many games with me. I gave it to a friend once I got a legit copy of FireRed.
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    Games that would make good remakes

    A remake of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons for the DS. Just better graphics and higher sound quality would do.
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    Post a lie about the above poster!!!

    *buzzer sound* Nope. Not a lie either ;). Oh wel... Sweet, a kid I know who's really into metal likes country too :P. Likes sad faces.
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    guess the next posters favourite colour

    Nope..... Neon yellow
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    Post a lie about the above poster!!!

    ^^ Likes country music.
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    the one above^ version whatever v3

    ^^learns watergun at lvl 16
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    Last Letter Game

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    Last Letter Game

    Yanma 10charizardlimit
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    Rate the Avatar Above V.2

    Like it, reminds me of some old fairytale books. 8/10
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    Love it or Hate it!?

    Can't say I hate it, but it confuses me. Kind of like a crippled worm / satanic dolphin on steroids crossover. Nevermind, I love it. Question marks?