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Soaring Pikachu
Last Activity:
Mar 2, 2020
Jun 2, 2011
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Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer

Soaring Pikachu was last seen:
Mar 2, 2020
    1. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Hey dude, it's been a while.

      And yeah, no kidding. I've had great jobs before that yeah, did involve a bit of work, but they were reasonable and I could work with those people. This is a total mess and frankly, I can't wait to get out of it. It's been hard, but instead of letting the anger and frustration get to me, I use it as energy to search for another position as soon as I get home. I've had better and will get better.

      Still, thanks for your support, dude, I appreciate that. Cheers.
    2. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Ha ha, yeah. It did move fast, and we ran into a few issues that were resolved, but we needed some hefty revisions, hence the second revised version. It does move fast, but you really only need to focus on the events that are happening at the same location your character is at. Still, if you change your mind, it would be great to have you.
    3. Harmonie
      The reasons for which I want - really, need - a reset button for my life are not going away.
    4. ger9119
      Okay i'll have a bio up tonight, tommorow the latest
    5. ger9119
      I plan on signing up for your zombie rpg, Can i have multiple characters?
    6. cascadethewarrior
      This is actually one of the few anime that I prefer in Japanese and not because of the voice acting but because of the story line. They completely removed a lot of the story in the English dub such as the VERY VERY obvious relationship Touya and Yukito had, Tomoyo having a Crush on Sakura etc. Just shows how messed up are country is for taking away those things especially Touya X Yukito that was my favorite part lol
    7. Scriptor Scorpio
      Scriptor Scorpio
      Yeah! Only wish it had been a bit less formulaic at times and also a bit more varied. The last season was different, whether that was good or bad^^
    8. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Worst horror movie I've ever seen was Poultrygeist. It was horrible in so, so, so many ways. I thought it would be stupid horror funny, but it just ended up being gruesomely disgusting.

      As for the zombie RP, yeah, sorry to see it go, but I've been pretty darn busy lately with other things. But yeah, I don't get why academy RPs are so popular, I can't stand them and they're just so BORING. I've even given them a honest to goodness try and everyone just gets bored before it even amounts to anything remotely interesting. But yeah, you're right, RPs need to constantly be changing and doing something new and interesting, or else they just fall flat on their face.
    9. Pir8Heart
      :D I must sign up when I have the time.
    10. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      That Dreamcrafters RP kind of tanked though. People wanted to pay it too defensively and the charm behind the whole RP (being able to imagine your own weapons and attack means) went out the window. Hence, why even I got bored of it.

      Oh, and I'm game for the Escape From Silph Co HARD MODE RP, just need to decide what Pokemon to pick.
    11. Encyclopika
    12. Kiruria
      Hey there, are you planning on posting in the Earthbound RPG anytime soon? We need our Wrong Way Tester back!
    13. Killer_Squirtle
      Black rock shooter
    14. Killer_Squirtle
      Well yeah. There's no pokemon in BRS or other games.
    15. Killer_Squirtle
      How'd you know about that?! ARE YOU SPYING ON ME?!... Or are you just reading the rp instead of playing?
    16. chihaya01
      I don't mind the waiting. Thanks for noticing me :3
    17. aggiegwyn
      Oh, thanks! I figured since it was a Snorlax I would have to make a fat joke. :P
    18. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Yeah, that's a great thing to compare them to. I remember one RP I was in that was an RTS and RPG mix, and it was epic. I would love another RP like that.
    19. Pir8Heart
      What are you talking about?
    20. Pir8Heart
      *hiss* (more cat language)
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