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Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2013
Apr 13, 2010
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sobbos was last seen:
Dec 18, 2013
    1. SASHA the master
      SASHA the master
      i have the charmander u want but what shiny do u want to trade me ?
    2. Raikou_fan
      Sorry, I cleaned it out!

      I might have taken it if it had drought, but I think I'm gonna pass. Thanks for the offer, though!
    3. diamondpearl876
      Yes, you can PM me now.
    4. ace-of-aces
      We can do the evolution trade when your ready.
    5. Mynx Lynx
      Mynx Lynx
      i pm'd you but your inbox was full, i have a female drought ninetails for you, just caught her :D
    6. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      I will take the Greninja is it Nicknamable? Oh and did you want it shiny cause you really didn't specify...I have a Non-Shiny Drought Ninetales that I can breed with Egg moves. And your Inbox is full.
    7. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      I have Female Drought Ninetales I can trade you. What Shinies?
    8. SmeargleRocks
      Think you clicked on him in a PM then went to make a message anc clicked on me instead, it happens :3
    9. twiztid420
      lol, i cleared it, good idea or happy accident postin on smeargles wall, either way u got my attention
    10. SmeargleRocks
      My inbox is almost empty, did you mean to message me?
    11. nobody3220
      how many pp up item for pokerus ?
    12. Yambo
      i saw you wanted pp ups i got 10 of those im currently seeking Heracronite if you have it
    13. TheFonz
      Awesome! You have Pinsir! And Beautifly and Ledyba
    14. TheFonz
      No prob! Thanks and same to you!
    15. TheFonz
      Oh wow we sent that at the same time. Absolutely I'll add you! My FC is 4382-2456-8353. Sorry about that
    16. TheFonz
      Hi! Sorry my inbox was full. I'm terrible at deleting mail and messages haha. What did you want to PM me about?
    17. EmiiLava
      Hi! Would you want to join team sea soul? i joined team sea soul a clan that gives you rankiungs of your battle preformance and free banners and stuff. it's really fun! You sould totally join! You'd be great! As along as you use one water pokemon, and fill out the join form you're in! Here is the link to the clan--->

      Here is the fill out and your ready to roll!
      Battling Style:
      'Version Name' FC:
      No. of water pokemon in use:
      Referred By: lavaburst14 (tell them i refered you and get points!)
    18. AgentKFox
      Hi. Don't know if you saw my PM or not, but I just wanted to let you know that I got Arceus from someone else. Thanks anyway.
    19. rval74
      Wow. Got a lot of trades goin on. o.e
    20. sobbos
      kablam said the turtle.
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