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  • i think my torchic is mat too. but its not in the same weird font. its just a lowercase mat. ><
    stupid hack=like trade sight thingy
    alright going to trade real quick with a client and then i shall trade with you my friend ^_^. oh was i supposed to trade you another poke?
    can u tell me what the black rayquaza even looks like? i lost it in my boxes somewhere. ><
    awe that is too bad sobe D=. yeah i hate that ><. thankfully haven't gotten turned down yet. have you maybe thought about why they turn you down? do you not have that great of a resume or something?
    well hey all that good carma has to come back soon right? ^_^
    oh and clear ur pm box silly sobe =P
    The only things I really have are in my signature. I understand if you're not interested in anything on there, I only recently got the ability to collect around and use WiFi ^ ^ ;
    I just checked the Bulbapedia page and saw that the Lugia from Navel Rock is level 70, this one is level 53. I don't think it's legitimate, and I don't want to give you something that isn't legitimate. Ahhhh poop this is saddenning.
    OT: JAY
    ID: 44256

    I got the Pokemon in a trade a while back when Firered and Leaf Green first came out, the guy traded it to me from his Emerald game for my Pokemon Collaseum Jirachi. It also has a Champion Ribbon and a National Ribbon.

    I would PM you but your PM box is full
    lol You do make a good point there though,I guess the only good part about the site is that they mark the poke with a ribbon to prevent certain access like the GTS.Even though I am a cloner I would never consider even go near that site again unless I really have to for a hack check,other than that you would never catch me downloading any pokes from on there period
    Alright now I'm disguisted,there are trainers who take their precious time to hatch their shinies and this site just gives it away like that? smh expect me not to use this site at all
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