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Oct 18, 2015
Dec 29, 2009
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Soberheartless was last seen:
Oct 18, 2015
    1. Soberheartless
      ill tell u wen its all ready
    2. Soberheartless
      ugh, sorry mate but my wifis flipping out, but it works on my laptop, but not on my ds for some reason :/
    3. mjunior3
      Alright, just let me know when you're done.
    4. Soberheartless
      sorrry have to configure wifi since i was in another place, itll b a sec
    5. Soberheartless
    6. mjunior3
      Well, just go into the room, and I'll meet you there in a min.
    7. mjunior3
      I can give you the Dex entry for free. Not a big deal for me, and you can let me know when you can trade.
    8. Soberheartless
      I'm on holiday over here, spent some time in Vegas and now relaxing at a villa in PA . So you have ALL event Pokémon ? I still need a Dex entry for genesect. What would u like for it? (When I get back no wifi here I'm on my phone :p )
    9. mjunior3
      Oh, nice! I now own all Pokemon to get starters, and all Events. :)

      Nothing much, just been getting ready for a Labor Day party.
    10. mjunior3
      Hey man! How's the starter-hunt going?
    11. Auberon TheFae
      Auberon TheFae
      Clear your inbox >.<
    12. BladeWulf
      Don't you mean Alakazam? :) and thank you for the Nidoran Male. He shall Help in CREATING AN ARMY OF NIDOROYALS THE LIKES OF WHICH NONE HAS SEEN BEFORE!!!!
      ... or something like that. :D
    13. BladeWulf
      i suppose so. I'm waiting for someone else, but they haven't shown up yet, so... yeah it should be fine. Meet you in the Wi-Fi room.
    14. BladeWulf
      I don't think you did, but no i don't have anything from those lines.
    15. BladeWulf
      alrighty it's a kadabra. when would you like to trade?
    16. BladeWulf
      have the female abra. any specific way you want her trained? if not, i'm night dazeing roselias until she evolves into kadabra.
    17. Soberheartless
      I know, but tbh I'm too lazy :p And my Ditto has been in there for literally months so I don't want to pay to take it out either haha. I'm breeding it now. Do you own Oddish or Shellder? How about Snorlax or Sentret? Ledian or Ariados? Aipom or Wooper? Poochyena or Zigzagoon? Taillow or Hoothoot? Those are just a few I need.
    18. BladeWulf
      1. Lol. My ditto only breeds with other genderless pokemon since there's no other way. And actually... you might be able to breed her with another pokemon found in the field or monster group so you wouldn't need Ditto.
      2. again... i wish. Honestly i know he's not the best, and most people probably wouldn't even want him, but Ekans/Arbok is THE ORIGINAL POISON SNAKE POKEMON. ah well.
    19. Soberheartless
      but it won't because i breed with ditto XD
    20. BladeWulf
      Hmm... so you could create the Sp. Atk. version of the Nidos then. Nice.
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