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  • Strike three. Working on getting them at some point and i think i had some in my diamond version but i need to transfer them up here. Got those through Pal Park so... yeah. Need to also acquire a copy of LG/FR for the Kanto pokemon, and i don't mean the starters.
    {see below message but instead of "in hidden grottos" insert "while surfing"} when i find one, i will whoop for joy. Believe me.
    Oh my poison team. Actually i'm on the hunt for a Hidden Grotto Female Muk but if that doesn't work out i'll think of another poison type. And then of course, finding another male to breed my female nidoran with.
    Which one? At this point i'm working on... six i believe? And i'm still collecting the necessary pieces for some of them. Then i have to train them...

    Oi... this is going to take a while. sorry.
    Honestly the only thing i liked about that was the strange house. hmm...
    You played diamond right? Remember the house heading up to Ice Bound town with the Ice Gym Leader? The one where, if you entered the first time, a woman would talk to you and give you something... then the next time... it would be empty?
    Those creepy little additions are what make pokemon interesting to me as it's about the story too.
    No no no... i stopped reading creepypastas because i like sleeping at night... mostly. and yeah, i liked that one. it was sorta creepy... but it was... really good. kinda wish they'd added that to the games. At least they added strange house which was cool. I'm glad the little girl is home...
    I'd rather forget every creepy pasta i read... except pinwheel village. That was a good story and wasn't as much creepy as sad and really well written. but yes... i know that one... and the song... on youtube.
    Oh yeah stealth rock... that was another reason.

    But some of the things that can kill pokemon are kinda scary: the tail flame with the Char line, Spoink and it's bouncing {speaking of i need to go find a male and female of that... hmm... might try the dream world tomorrow.}, etc.
    I like charizard too, but he's basically dragon. Venasaur is... well i guess he's more the kind i like: big, mean when pushed and can be a freaking tank if need be. Charizard... don't get me wrong i love the guy but... Venasaur doesn't have to worry about his tail getting wet and his lifeforce being harmed by it. {or covered in dirt from a well placed razor leaf.} {whistles innocently}
    omg, does every mega have bigger hair!? *sigh* I've heard spec of Scept getting Grass/Dragon with mega. I want Mega Blastoise, actually. :)

    Charmander was my first. Charizard all the way, baby! *cough* beats venusaur without even trying *cough* :)
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