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  • :3 Actually... i think i started with Bulbasaur when i got my first game. Venasaur though... yeah he was may favorite from gen 1.
    I still really don't care for it. I mean, it'll be cool to see Pokemon going "Super Saiyan", and the only one's I actually like are Blaziken and Mewtwo, but I want to see a Meag Druddigon, Heatmor, or Durant.
    I dunno. I guess I either didn't feel like it (most likely reason, lol), or didn't think I was gonna need to.
    Not really. I used to have a Wartortle, so I looked on the GTS for one. They only wanted a Dewott, so I traded the one I had (and didn't need) for it. I'm actually waiting to see if anyone needs a Regigigas bad enough to trade me a Keldeo for it. :)
    Yeah, the person I traded just kept trading me beyond what we had agreed when we started, and I ended up with everything but Squirtle line, but then I traded for a Wartortle on my B1 GTS. :)
    I now have access to ever single starter, so yeah, I have Mudkip. I can breed it for you, but not tonight, I'm afraid, because I get on Serebii on my 3ds browser, so I can't play and be on here at the same time. :/
    I have a Treecko, I got the Genesect, and I might get a Mudkip, Torchic, and Piplup in a trade for a Zekrom.
    That sucked, lol. Couple things:

    I might trade my Jirachi for a Genesect
    I need Sinnoh stuff like Tangrowth, Yanmega, stuff like that
    No prob! :)

    And I don't like the idea of the Megas. I would have liked alternate evo lines, but I'll give it a chance.
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